Must Read: My Experience With an Upcoming Artist… Part 26


A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

How much naw…
” Na 4 .5 oo
” Haa oga chukwu..Shebi na 3k before
“mgoat na u dey talk like this.fuel don cost ooo and u sabi say medussa dey this one…no be small thing i dey do for you so.
” Guy make we make am 3500.
” No no…guy u sabi say na big risk i dey take so..abi my oga “” he said facing me..

” Ok 4k …
” Haa
” oga chukwu abeg naa.i still dey go studio naw..abi your boy. No do me so oga mi
“…if no be say na u
” Ehh omo ibo….     oya
” If no be say i like your song and wan feature for d video….( smiles)  Sha bring him like that.
” eh oga chukwu thanks ooo..He said as he counted d money…

” But Mgoat no  tey before u return this one ohhh…U sabi say Chanchit wey come rent costume shoot video last year and no quick return am, go ask  Am wetin i do am

” Haa haa immediately I finish wetin i dey do ,i go return am quick quick..
” Tor abeg ,U sabi say other people go come order too
” ok now..Oga mi chukwudi ..Chukwudi…. Chukwudi….

Tomorrow now… Boo Oya make we move…He packed d polo and other shirts in His bag and  Adjusted his Gold chains…..Studio yaa..

But not without Taking more than 15 pictures with his  borrowed Iphone…… different styles….Chilling in the medusa.Airmax 7k ……Sweet Life !!!!

” Mgoat baba  !!!!!!!!
” i sight You !!!!!…  ……

This time he made us pass the front .His walking steps changed almost immediately  .his posture bent a bit and his shoulders were up high like hanger

To Be Continued…

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