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We passed through  the front this time …..

Even the way he was walking changed …..He had this bent posture and kept his hands in his pocket..and kept this straight bad man look all through .

” no be mgoat be dat ??
” Haha like say na him oooo.
“Mgoat mgoat….

Like about four guys rushed towards us.

Wetin happen.wetin happen naw ?? I was scared as i ask mgoat.
Hope they are not coming to attack us.

Baba laye ooo..Olohun …olohun oo Ori e wabe..
Mgoat baba … they all shouted praises and chanted .

He smiled and asked them all to calm down and beckoned on them to show  their leader..

Mgoat baba.. na me na me ooo. Eleniyan15 growled as he was pushed out as the leader

Apparently, they were thugs and area boys located in the market.

” .. I dont have much on money but pls manage this` He then dipped his Hands into the pocket and gave him 4 thousand naira.

Yee ..Baba o baba oo. Talosope ani baba ..kai ee a ni baba talo sope a ni baba kai ani baba.

…I sabi say hin head go don dey near bust …as he hurriedly led us to the Car …This did  not stop other people from chasing and running after us in d car …Apparently. Mgoat was quite popular here..

As we drove off.i could see The Guys still fighting over the little cash handed over unto them by Mgoat..

Akube.Why u go give them that kind money naw !!! U dey ok so..
” Dats how we ball nigga..dats how we ball ..he said as he chewed on d gum.. Those are my niggas Boo. They rep the brand. Nothing you give them is too much. They know my songs. They play my songs …

To Be Continued…

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