A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

Apparently u are quite popular There ???
” Yes i am.Am not only popular there… am popular everywhere.. am a star my nigga.

” Hmnn…I hope we are finally heading to the studio .????
……. i was struggling to keep the Conversation going as Dprince You on Your Own o  blasted from d Stereo.

” Yes ..i guess..

” Thank God ………i breathed a heavy sign of relief

..We were Just blasting  music all along….From small doctor to TerryG  to SideOne,seriki ,Tonto dikeh and Vic0 , it was music all d way… ..

Not untill we got to Holyfred avenue that we picked up a particular Girl on d road opposite The Christ alive Miracle Church …we Had initially Drove past her when  mgoat decided to  reverse and  woooooo…

” Mgoat dont tell me you want to do what am thinking !!!!!..

He kept moving back

Mgoat shey ur time for studio never reach.. By this time it was already around 3 45 pm.

Mgoat.what the Fork ???

Until we finally got to where the girl was standing… Tall.lightskinned in darkglasses .with a red tight fitted micro mini gown ….  

Haa i don enter am today..

To Be Continued…

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