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I wonder what the Fork he was thinking at that moment..

Hello ; mgoat said as he whined down the glass to accommodate interaction with  the girl who was rather expectant through all her yeye body gestures and the wide smile she met us with…. Well am not suprised,an adage don say women are always attracted to men in Car not caring if its borrowed or not ;-/

Hi she swiftly replied.

Yea. So why is a beautiful angel like you standing in the sun this hot afternoon..??

apparently mgoat english was poor as he delivered the memorized line in a completely stunning foreign  accent that came from nowhere before now . Plus how d hell was the sun hot around 4pm on a normal day ??

Haha , no be mgoat wey dey speak normal phonetic since morning , Come dey blow one kind stupid grammar and british accent for here.. On top Babe faa. Wonders shall never end ooo.. haha

Hehe. Actually,like ……i was heading to Osewa junction. So i was waiting to pick…
( cuts in) hope u dont mind if i give u a ride there
Heh .. i dont want to like….she said giggling
( cuts in ) No probelm … its just a ride naw ..
Alright …Boo abeg help me manage for back..
What ?? I was shocked.. .. That must not be me…

Boo i dey follow you talk now… haha he was actually talking to me.. who does  that. Sending me to the back seat in order to accomodate a strange  girl we dont know  if na mummy water or thief or hired killer ..i thought it has always been bro over hoes

No .No .. i stay at the back.. ..naw : she said in a failed effort to salvage the case

No go stay for back pls..

I was embarrased beyond words. I sluggishly came out of the front seat and went to sit at the back. The girl entered  and was struggling to adjust  her mini skirt as she sat down.. her yellow laps was no doubt scintillating..  what mgoat had in mind for her  i cant say but i know definitely the day could not have been worst.

To Be Continued…

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