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I don’t know oo ..She said as she Packed d plates facing me …Her breasts dey almost comot .

Eh ” i said trying to focus my eye somewhere else..

Yes..that is how he always does . She said this time turning her back to me..Haha..which kind thing dese girl dey try do  so…

” Are u now d only one at home ” i asked.

” Yes only me She lamented raising up d bumbum towards me as she .( i was sure pretended) bent to pick something on d ground.

Are u d sister or the househelp..

Haha..Broda boo are funny ooo. She said laughing hard .Am ….his sister naw

Ohh the last born….

Godamn it.this girl no go pass 16.17 nke. ..Haha .Wetin be her motive.. Abi na her mama use am set trap or test me??? I hardly even talked with her before this time…. .Or maybe she was just being naughty sha

Bro booo booo

Well done oo.

Let me take to your room so u can relax


She took my bag as i followed her closely behind, gazing …..

The next sound wey go wake me the next morning .na Mama akube voice ..

To Be Continued…

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