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I added myself on the bbm too.
Ohh no probelm i give u a call tonight
Ok i be expecting …Bro boo .. bro…..
Boo.. mgoat called out to me

I was already engrossed in the end time programme as it was so captivating ..

Oh okk bye bye

Choi .. i could not but imagined what enjoyment mgoat tend to enjoy from the girl with this his fake life and lies.

Oh okk bye
Bye bye

My eyes were fixed on the yansh as she walked across ..yebariba oo.idi re ooo.. it was as if she intentionally walked slower to allow us fantasize more as her steps were more calculated  and her yansh was counting 17 and 18 as she proceeded into thin air.

I could see mgoat licking his lips  as she walked away..

Boo u see that yansh… i have plans for her this night after the studio session …oh boy.

I refused to respond to him..Anything i say could lead to termination of our ` friendship`. I felt like dashing him a hot slap but i kept my cool and remained silent.

No vex naaa.if i no send u go back like that , the pkg no go plum naa

I just hissed ..

Oya come siddon for front  naw guy..hehe.

To Be Continued…

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