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5 pm (  That beginning of the End )

  We had to turn back and  drive almost 30 minutes to our  destination after taking the girl and wasting an initial 30 minutes .

Mgoat tried everything possible to initiate a conversation but i was just not in the mood. The time we wasted today is already enough…
I hope its all worth it.

And finally finally , we arrived at a three storey building in Dadubule Close, near Orifogo street adjacent ita ajiun crescent opposite uba bank  and he parked …

Finally, we are at the studio.

, Boo , we are here ..

Without saying a word, i opened the door and alighted from the car.The Three storey building was filled with   activities . The Christ Doeth all things right church was on the downstairs directly beside another church, Win with Christ Ministries. and one electronics shop, two boutiques plus all this pharmaceutical turn  provision stores.

Boo boo
Calm down now, dont carry this kind of angry face enter the studio now ehn ..abeg

Ok make we shall dey go..

By this time, Mgoat was Regretting a couple of calls on his phone.. Apparently it was his mum calling him to remember the Catfish she ordered him. i doubt if he had not spent the money sef.

He quickly picked up the iphone and worn his dark shades…

And up the staircase, one, two ,three… We landed right in front of the Studio ….Vic O Studios International.

Mgoat checked himself and adjusted his dress, removed his glass and worn it back , reverted back to his hanger posture  and Insyd we enter.

So this is all we have suffered .For at last … Let see what we make of this

To Be Continued…

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