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Immediately we opened the door, very thick smoke from inside the studio clouded my face. i  could not but cough as the smoke entered into my nostrils .as i maneuvered my way in.

Heeee. Mgoat Baba nla…“` . A thick voice  roared from inside .the voice came from a young guy in Yellow shirt and Green Beret …. He held a canned origin  in one hand and puffed from his cigarret in the  other hand.

hey  oga mi… He stood as he and mgoat exchanged hands and hugged each other ..

Hey bro … it was the thick voice guy again. ..This time ,his greetings was directed at me.

Hi … i responded.and nodded in respect.

Sit down now.. He beckoned on me ,pointing to the three seater in the room.

The room was littered with origin bottles and ruffled papers. The wall was not spared   as different potraits  of Fela , Bobmarley, Skales and 2face na hin i bin sight for the wall.  Different musical instruments was also seen on the floor including the gigantic recorder and mixer.Hmmn this should be interesting….. i thought to myself.

Baba long time… Mgoat greeted the guy as he balanced on a nearby stool.
Lol,na u i suppose dey tell long time naw…
Ehnn.. u come record abi
Hmmmn not exactly, just to put a verse for one of my guys song
Oh okay…where Tujaaguar con dey.
He went to buy petrol outside …

To Be Continued…

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