Must Read: My Experience With an Upcoming Artist… Part 34


A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

5 40 pm

Eh eh ok …i go wait
Ok now…
Oya …Radius baba.
Na me be that
Radius baba
Mgoat u wan start whining abi…
How far that your video shoot now, radius ..
Omo we don shoot am…
Ehn when
Like last two weeks, tried to connect u but your line wasnt going thru, tujaaguar sef dey dere

Ehn, how much the pkg con be now..

Baba no be small money , na 1.5 the director collect ooo


See you, minus costumes, car wey we rent , location , na hotel we use oga mi o. We paid almost a 60k for a day`s shoot.

Chai .omo… But una never release am  sha.

release ke ?? Not yet oo … Mgoat, video release and promo  no be beans like that oo  . Infact ,am still owning 750 000 that i collected as loan from GTB… Guy she u fit believe say  Na my papa house i use to  do collateral ooo

Lol … you no mean am..

I swear, i borrow 150 k from one cooperative society,, even that my car

That nissan … white one ….wey u dey always use cruise

Yes that one,  I sell am join  faa.


Haaa.. baba .. na neccesary  sacrifice naw. To make am for the industry no be beans. Iyanya sell him car, he blow, kunle afolayan sell him car,  he blow.. so who am i to complain .


Na true naw, talent alone  no fit do am …. Davido dey drop today , wizkid drop tomorrow…

They were still talking when  a young man walked in and greeted them both ..

To Be Continued…

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