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Kodekeys …how far naw..
Fyn boss. Tujaguar  said he is on his way
Okay mr guitarist…… .So as i was saying mgoat.  Even naw sef i gats pay people for endtime fm like 30 k for radio plays.. i gats promote am , djs, clubs., no be joke oo bruv

baba na you… help my career small naa..

Lol … whine me jare.’we just dey hussle am ni…Make one label just sign person naw

Lol..God go do am… soon

Amen… we don suffer too much.

we go blow soon like bokoharam

Lol ( general laughter )

Dats it my brother

All this money na apart from d models money oo.
Mtcheww. Those bastards model …
Hahaa wetin happen
Me i no go rent models for this last video. I just holla like three hairdressing salons for my hood, talk with dem owners and give them small cash make dem help me reason theiir beautiful customers for my video shoot.

See u , time no day naw. I also gave body cream sellers and hair dressers to paste the advert and leaflet  in their shops and any interested lady with d requirements will always show up.

Ehn..what about the money


Yes money to pay dem now

Haha see u , me wey i go don pkg for poster with chains, gold and everything.. Most of dese ladies are cheap jare. Ordinary appearing in a music  video sef is enough for them .. afterall, dem go chop suya and drink wine in red cups at the video shoot nd we go show their face for d whole world . that one no do dem ??

( general laughter)

Why u con stop to dey use models gan gan
O boy forget that side jare
Abeg radius i wan know jare .. abeg
Na one model Fork up ,  u no dat safarigirl model
Ohh that one wey everybody dey use, wey get yansh like this

Ehn wey dey dance for every video


So me and my former manager ,


Yes ….we arranged with d babe and she gree 50k plus  she helped us to get 4 more girls like that..

To Be Continued…

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