Must Read: My Experience With an Upcoming Artist… Part 36


A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…


On set, she do well, they twist her yansh, …. i dey smack her yansh ,, they press her on set,,I dey enjoy .She dey twist am on me, dey whine and twerk.So  after d video naa. I meet her make  we continue with wetin we do on set.

Ehn… bad guy ..wetin con happen ???

She no gree oo.I even think say na money, i no fit allow her yansh go like that, i say i go pay her 25 k.. she no still gree


I sha wan use rough play tear am that time, but na slap she slap me ooo


Con add sey she no fit date so she put am oo ordinary upcoming artist like me


Na so she no allow me f her ooo

Choi boy we must blow ooo

Haa wetin we go do, Person wey see us they smooch  and as she dey twerk on me 4 insyd video go think says  i go Fork am, dem no sabi sey na 40k  i waste with the 3 mins twerking she just do for the video. Na one person 4 month salary be that.

At this point, i could not help but giggle .. as kodekeys was also smiing hard at his corner.

Lol boo sef na laugh..
Haa bro u dey laff. He go better… na story all dis one go be later
Na so baba.. but why she con..

We heard footsteps ourside.Tujaguar was back and had apparently,filled the gen with fuel while we talked and he listened on outside.

Lol .see as the girl yeye radius….i no fit laugh po
Lol jaguar….so u dey even hear us. When u reach.
Yes naw.. i don dey outside since, i bin dey pour fuel..lugh don almost kill me die
Haha na so we see am ..
Mgoat far nah…..
Jaguar jaguar..

Bro…..he greeted me
Hi …
Hmmn radius, jaguar, kode na my brother, boo be this….. mgoat said
Haha your blood brother..
Lol na my brother sha…. wetin happen
E no resemble u ni. See as hin quiet
No mind am jare. He still dey form ni.. quiet ke

All i could do was smile.

Mgoat. Shey u don ready..
Tor abeg i no want make dey cut and cut ooo
Haha old things  are pass away
No be u.. ??? na u dey always talk..
Haha i promise this  time i go record at one take, no cut cut,
I pray so,.the last time na 14 takes we do on top one song oooo. U  sha see say radius dey here and two other artist still dey come plus na even small fuel’i buy self . So e go pay u if u roll am once and we no do cut cut..
Sure  sure promise.
Tho kode , abeg help me connect the recorder and play that mgoat beat, make he first flow makr we see

Wait wait. Now jaguar, .how far normal normal naw. ???

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 7, 2016 — 11:07 pm

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