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Oya baby

Eh… the producer joined in as mgoat seemed finally ready to drop some bars.

Baby Succulent

Baby Succulent

You be yoghurt oooo….

Eh … yoghurt yoghurt … jaguar shouted at d top of voice as he backed up.

Baby u be my yoghurt oo
Na only u i got oooo i got i got i got oo
But before i forgot forgot oo
Anyone wey wan come btw us na with broom we chase dem comot oooo.

Oya u be my yoghurt
I go lick u like yoghurt
Oh no i dont mean doughnut
My body strong like coconut
I dey up me i no be groundnut
I go nourish your body like carrot…

Wow …wow …jaguar did not let him complete the freestyle as he sat there, clapping and hailing mgoat..

To Be Continued…

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