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Mgoat was still at the 12th take of his second verse when the Generator went off.. Even Tujaguaar and kode were already frustrated…and seemed happy about the situation

After the First verse,he kept  Making Mistakes and cutting and  Retaking.I just wondered is this how all his studio sessions look like ???? Despite his wack lyrics and song ,he still got time to be wasting. And retaking Verses like this.

Haa Tor…Mgoat that is it for the day..
Haa..Baba.. Mgoat stated ,leaving the booth..

Hope say the money for this session never expire be that ??

Mgoat i swear u Fork up
Abeg no vex….no vex……..
Haa.haa.Song wey u suppose roll once.At this stage in your career …..  U con dey make us roll am like
( cuts in ) I don beg u naw…
If no be say na u ….i for charge u another money for tomorrow session but as per say na u  …Just come back..

Thanks baba..i promise tomorrow we go record am once..
I pray so…..
..What of the other artistes wey u talk say dey come …
Ok Airforce1 and andyblaze ??
I go call dem ni oo..say session no day today again..Till y u gats come early to do wetin u go do be dat ooo..cos after tomorrow…no more Grace..

Ok baba mi  …I will be on my way to rest so i come back with extra power.

Ok… i pray say u do well tomao.
Kode…later naa.
Ok boss   …later things..

And that was how we left without completing the song…To be sincere. i happy small because my stomach was just filled with immense anger everytime the idiot asked for another retake to resing his Wacko jacko lines.
I am very sure that  ……  Even kode and Tujaguaar will be disappointed  and are just interested in the money.and not aiding his career. well.. I dont expect them to tell him but i know dey know that mgoat music career is a No no..

To Be Continued…

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