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Mgoat don come with another hit oo. Yeee..

All this while , mgoat was smiling and continued in the  nut, got silly nursery rhymes he called a song.. like WTF, are we in food and nutrition class. So all my wahala and the  troubles i suffered was to see one nigga sing baby my yoghurt.

Haa, nice one… spiritual.. oya mgoat enter booth.enter booth
Boo how you see am ….
Hmmn.. me … i said ,
Yes now, you dey feel the song ???
Yes … haa nice one
You see. You see !!!!!,, i tell u say na hit….
Yes …

Oya mgoat… oya go bust am.. ginger…

I could see kode smiling and ` Yimuing to mgoat. Apparently dissatisfied with his performance.just like I was too.

he better by done with  this Shtt and let us head home…

A message entered my phone and it was reminder of  the assignment tomorrow….immediately i read it, the phone died

. By this time , it was already 8 pm.i had almost forgotten about tomorrows assignment… The main reason i was actually in Lagos
…..God no go allow this guy ruin my life oooo..

Everything on my mind was going home at this moment.. ..let him just be done ..

To Be Continued…

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