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Finally we were heading home…   i was so relieved…….At the same time.i felt like advising Mgoat …( in a Gentle manner of course) .. to stop wasting his money and resources on music as it is not his line..i just thought it would be unfair watching him waste away like this when all his mates are out there Working including his juniors like me..But then.wetin be my own…?? no be the same mama born us ??

After all. he is singing the rubbish people want to hear, If Skaliey mental can make it …if Terry G can make it.if ViCO is famous.. why should Mgoat not be ?? .if he get the money finish. Na we way we go follow am spend d do be this..

Mgoat….Na house we dey go now….
Yes now…
Ok…but shey we go first drop the car
..which car..
This car now
…naa tomorrow i go go give that one him car and phone…we go carry this one go house today..
Haa..hope he wont be worried…
Ehn he should be worried… when he was…..( pauses) ..see i no care ..Wetin dey my mind now naa my tomorrow session and how i go take do am.with no Fork up

To Be Continued…

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