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I just wan do am once….collect am sharpaly in the next 2 weeks.. give this man and…do d pkg ..
..get signed !!!
As i dey look this song..he be like say video go dey for am
Ok…ehn ( diverts to another issue as i was tired of his Music shii talk ) Mgoat what of the money wey your mama give…

( cuts in)… Shut the Fork up boo…am talking about my music career here…u talking about one catfish money for one shop wey i no dey get any profit. Fr….See just shut up

Tor..At this point i had no choice than to shut up..After all.he didn’t force me to follow him..i don enter this one naa.Na another one i go dey pray make God save me from .

( After like 5 mins)

Ok am sorry…
No am not angry..
am just stressed out and angry sey i no fit record that stuff finish today..
Ok ..i understand bro..
Yea…so i no day …( pauses) Wait oo wait oo wait
Wetin happen
Boo u be idiot .i don forget sha
Forget what ..dont tell me you forgot something at d studio o pls .Even if it your…sorry d iphone…we are not going back..
Ode …So u don forget..
Forget what now guy ??
Dat girl we carried in d afternoon.. DatsincereChic…i was supposed to meet her tonight.

To Be Continued…

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