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What ??
Yes now  ..I told her i was coming tonight !! U no dey dere when i talk am .??

Akube,it must be the alcohol in your system i swear…. u dey joke abi.. i replied in a jovial manner..

Joke ke ??? Guy i for no go but u know. girl wey i just meet he no go make sense make i promise to see her tonight.make i no con go…she no go take me as a man of my word..

WTF ??…Go back to go and pick a girl …this can never happen..i had enough already today.

Listen mgoat.its already late…She doesnt care if u a man of your word.or a man of your mouth.

See if na d car dey do u ehn.. tomorrow morning ehnn…U fit carry d car take her out.. If u like.  u fit return car back to owner nextweek.nextmonth or next year sef.that is btw d two of u..but tonight ??? NO

.Hmmn ‘ He breathed a Deep sigh  

To Be Continued…

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