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Boo …Boo    Reason this thing well naa…See that fresh back wey  the girl carry naw..  haha…Omo.Dat thing no fit free. We fit even gather do. Make e be threesome sef

What d ….mgoat    hear yourself… please hear yourself… ..( My voice was already getting loud here ) Its 10pm in the night…Wich kind date u wan carry am go……and what gives u the impression u will sleep with her today sef ?? Who are you.. Chris brown or Usher ??

What do u mean boo ??

Guy its late..u can go tomorrow.. Please.don’t let us argue over this ……i had enough today already.

Sorry bro i dey go this one…..

I looked into eyes to see if he was joking but all i saw is seriousness and firm determination.

Are u serious ??

Yea am damn serious …if i dont see her this night. na FK …

Then i will Rather Drop… i said …as i threatened him.

Hmmn.You better drop.

Haha.Abi i don dey see another thing.. Because of one stranger girl wey Mgoat never even sabi.he dey tell me make i drop 4 car..

I should drop…

U going to regret this m……..I  never even finish wetin i wan talk or even drop out of the car finish before he  slammed the door and.. As if nothing happened. mgoat kicked the car and accelerated forward..

To Be Continued…

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