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I was shocked beyond words as i looked on…Worst still.i had no single naira on me to board a cab…hah.i was still thinking of what next to do with my Life when i noticed Mgoat reversing towards me.

Boo.  .Boo.Boo..he kept calling  my name … ..

Boo boo….

Though i had no money .but i kept walking …..i was not just going to hop in like i was all dependent on him.

What ???? I yelled angrily !!!

He whined down the glass …

Boo am sorry..please come in let us talk things out..

I stood my ground.

Boo please come in now … He did this for like 15 mins before i pitied him and reluctantly. i entered..

Okay…Boo..i promise …I will just see her and greet her… immediately aftee that.we will leave..

But m….

( cuts in ) ..Boo,please …give me this opportunity.. please …she will just see my face and Gbam…we head home.

At this point, i was left with no choice than to follow him..Afterall.i had no Other option again.

Thanks bro..i promise to be quick.

And that was how.We headed towards her home..

We were just  a few miles from Her house when we encountered a Police check point..

They had been succesfully passing people but not untill it got to our turn.

Well i had nothing to be afraid. …Patapata we give them 100 naira if dey prove stubborn and explain to them  that we were coming from a Studio night session.

Park park park…The officer said as the torchlight beamed upon the car.

Oya park here..

All this officers sef …i whispered silently myself.

To Be Continued…

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