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i was still n the cell when the officers found out about the drivers license and claimed they found another 50kg of hard drugs in the car which i stated did not belong to us.
How true their claim was ,I don’t know till date.

For 3 days.i was tortured. beaten and whipped.Nobody came to ask about me…Not even mgoat..his mum…or sister..

Throughout the first three days i was denied access to my phone…Not untill when i cooperated and Gave a detailed description of Mgoat residence and where he got the car before i was allowed to speak with my  parents..

As expected they went to the residence of the Car borrower and Mgoat baba isale .and he  was consequently arrested alongside Mgoat.

my parents had to come and oversee the affairs as the case even got tougher than i ever imagined..

Needless to say,i  lost out on the assignment i came to do… I have never seen my parents more dissspointed in me..It took God’s grace and the intervention of Mgoat’s Prodigal Police Officer of a Father coupled with a lot of money.time and resources from both my family and mgoat “s  over the  period of 6 months the case lasted before it was finally resolved…

But not without mgoat Big boss friend being sentenced to 3 years imprisonment with hard labour…He was made the scapegoat of the whole scenario.

To Be Continued…

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