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The incident severed the ties between myself and mgoat and of course our families …For 4 years i never heard from mgoat again..

Not untill late last  year when  I heard he had a show in london and had released a massive single….

I found it hard to believe it was him at first cause he had changed his name to ebykes and the hit single that made him so ” popular” ( in quote )  Shaka ” was nothing but arrant Trash at first listen.

How it blew still remains a big mystery to me..He followed up with two shitty singles  and gathered fan base…

Shooting videos.models.drinks.buying cars.,shows, interviews,blings …..he was living the life he had dreamed of and to say the truth i was envious and finally agreed that he was going to make it in music after all.

This kind of living cant be fake . though i sometimes wonder if he made all these money from his music alone ?? Who knows ??


Not untill i received the news boldly written on today’s paper… i was called by two of my family members who informed me of  the news earlier but i didnt believe till i saw this…

My God .!!! But it didnt have to get to this stage now .Eh ???  E no suppose reach this kind  level naa  .

Though i knew he had the tendencies  and by luck.had scaled through similar gbege and wahala  like this before in the past, this particular one wey i dey look so .  e Be like water don pass back enter snail mouth for d matter o. Choi !!!

He ought to have learnt naw..i warned  him .i warned him ooo. He wouldn’t just listen….. Only God can save him from this one naw..Only God ..

To Be Continued…

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