Must Read: My Experience With an Upcoming Artist… Part 51


A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord

Who am i to blame..The parents ?? The parents who divorced and thus had no time to raise their kids….or the Father who abandoned him without monitoring….   …Turned the elder sister into one that exchanges her body for money from the big boss or the teenage promiscuous younger sister who i slept with the very first day i met her and died 2 yrs after due to unknown ailment.

Or Mgoat himself .who despite his condition and family background chose to go on the wrong path  and refuse to be focus and contented.Despite making a little fame and money from his music and rather than consolidate and improve…….

He wanted more…

Sometimes even if Luck was on your side. Greed would make u misbehave..

Not even his Father can save him as an AIG he is now….not even Nigeria can save him..i doubt if the president himself can…

“” Barrister Boo….Barrister Boo..i was cut off from my thoughts..
” yes
” oh…I guess u av seen the news today.. the artiste …?? My learned colleague,Barrister Pdizzle Asked as he came into the office with a copy of today newspaper too.

” Yes  
” Haa..i heard Nigerian is lobbying..we all know how these things end…
” Hmmn.. you know i once knew this guy….
” You dont mean it ?? He asked surprised..

” Yes… infact i knew if he continued the way i left him …he will most likely end up like this… i once had a nasty experience with him when i was trying to apply for attachment as at the time.. . A bitter experience I will never forget..

” Are you serious /? Please can you gist me about it…u might find it hard to believe i was actually his fan…he said as he dropped the paper on the table and sat down ready for the tale.

Hmmn…..i took a sip from my cofee…and took a very deep breath afterwards…


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