A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

”  shey bi na your  5th track be this guy ”
”  yes ooo..This one na hit  jam.
” U sabi say your  first four tracks wey me i hear own.dem no
” eh i sabi..i sick small when i be write that track
” Ehnn..shebi u no sha sick now  sha….( laughter)

” How your babes ow ??
” which babe ”  Akube said suprised.
” haa all this babes
” lol..all of dem no serious money dem dey find
” lol..Buh i think say dem day fall for celeb ni
” Oga park well abeg..If dem Come close say u be celeb.wetin u go use  maintain dem… be money

”  Lol.. All dose .wey u dey show nko

” Guy man,na publicity i no get manager, i gats manage myself….

” Lol ”  Akube haa…. Abeg heat day oo..i said as i bin dey use cloth fan myself.

” Haa no vex,dem don cut our light, my mama no gree pay bills after 3 months

” Ehn .i sha see say light dey outside too..una no get gen

” Noo …Na  The Gen i sell, use gather money for my second track…

‘ U sell your mama Gen ?? I said amazed

To Be Continued…

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