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But rather than make my guy reason all these troubles and be more focused in life con  find hin true talent wey God give am,The  wealth and affleunce wey all dis palongo artistes dey show just dey Shark my guy , dey make am think say  he be  genius 4 Music, A field wey he no sabi shishi about, I pity this bros sha !!.

  As this guy poor for 1Q.,na so he poor for music .Con poorest patapata for Cooking.Whether na Spag i dey chop or Na half cooked  spag palmoil peppersoup stew. I sha know that i ate one of the worst spags of my life that day……  And na this same guy go dey form chef online….Oga oooo.

” How d Spag be ???
” Ha .u such a good cook,your wife go enjoy u gan
” People dey talk am say i sabi cook
” Ehn
” You know see as i garnish am with salt and  pepper
” You are good ” i said trying as much as possible to suppress my emotions..

” If i no do music,.the next thing na to turn chef

” Lol.. Ehn….Mgoat …  …how did u write that your last song sef

He swallowed the Spag in his mouth and picked the one that fell on d concrete  floor.back directly into his buccal cavity.The palm oil just dey shine for under hin lips.

” Baby Diva ” He asked
” Yes ”  …
” Hmmnn …

To Be Continued…

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