Must Read: My Experience With an Upcoming Artist


A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

My God .!!! But it didnt have to get to this stage now .Eh ???  E no suppose reach this kind  level naa  .

Though i knew he had the tendencies  and by luck. he  scaled through similar gbege and wahala  like this before in the past, this particular one wey i dey look so .  e Be like water don pass back enter snail mouth for d matter o. Choi !!!

He ought to have learnt naw..i warned  him .i warned him ooo. He wouldn’t just listen….. Only God can save him from this one naw..Only God …

”  .. . My Experience with an Upcoming Artist “”””

It is me again ooo.. . M Goat ..oh na na na..haha . U already know

L cord on the beat iyo oh oh oh.. Its another L cord production iyeh

Oh no..ayaya  ya eh eh yeh.. 

SweetJollof Entertainment Baby ..


  haa 2

Haa 3

haa go .

He dey cut me like razor blade oo oo
Cut me like razor blade oo
He dey cut me like razor blade oo oo
Your love dey cut me like razor blade o my baby

First Verse

Baby Ur love dey sharpen me  oo.d thing con be like sharpener

Baby.give it to me tonight ,i  get 800 naira. We go use am buy sharwama and chapu man iyo oh oh

I con know other girls na Scissors.. Omo na u gangan  be razor blade

Na your love 4 my body, .day make man body to vibrate


Oya Come and be my hippopotamus…  Tamus ,Tamus
Baby am gonna make u famous..  Famous,famous
Baby  u too fine like Antelope …. telope.Telope
And u know say i get money 4 envelope ..Velope oo

  Oya Shake your buttocks. Ehn ™ Shake your bakassi.

Who’s your daddy Shake what mummy gave you. ,you this girl…are you deaf or you didnt hear me…..

Eh eh eh Ha somuto …Cos u.

.. ( Earphone removed ..continue playing music ?? )

I couldnt bear it anymore.. i had to angrily comot the ear piece and  close d music player.Infact. i no  ready to hear any song again sef.No song wey i play after this track go sweet me !!! I no fit dey bear the pain to dey listen to this Nonsense.

Na  Mgoat ‘s most recent ” Hit ” track  titled Razor blade i bin dey hear. He had so much  delayed and hyped this song that i had to relunctantly download after being so skeptical about the track initially.

No be kukuma my Fault,Having listened to his First Three Singles. . Sister Lola. Dance on the Moon and  Big Kaka . I was pessimistic that this Razor blade go be disaster… and i wasnt dissapointed.

But as dem elders go talk, one man food is another man’s poison ..

To Be Continued…

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