Must Read: My Experience With Busayo (True Life Story)… Part 2



A Story written by Realtunez…

7 week after her visit i was getting ready for work when i saw her message “something crazy is going on” i was like kinni itumo gbogbo eleyi (what is the meaning of this one) i just close the message and went my went to work…. She called me twice while i was at work but i didnt pick it i only texted her “busy will call u lera love you”… When i got home at exactly 6:24pm i showered and showed femi the message she sent me “Maybd she is having your …” I didnt let him finish before i said itz impossibe joor… I called her around 7:00pm

Me: Hello! how’re you?
Busayo: Am not fine!
Me: why? What happened?
Busayo: which 1 of d question do you want me 2 answer 1st?
Me: just answer 1 @ a time
Busayo: I think i may be pregnant
Me: congrats so who’s responsible?
Busayo: haha what kind of question is that do i have another guy am going out with apart 4rm you…
Me: ehnn wait… Wait… Wait… So you’re telling me its my own (@ 1st i wanted to disagree with her but i remmembered that i was’nt wearing any CD that day and i remmembered her pups is a retired soldier and has connections in the barrack about 1 and a half mile from my place so i quickly said) you know what let me call you back… Busayo: Ok…

As i ended the call i was thinking of what to do
i shouted “femi” immediately he came rushing in kilo shele (what happened)? You were right oh the babe don get bellè oh… I don sabi say na wetin go happen be that- he replied… So na wetin go be now? he asked, i no sabi oh my guy…
He then ask me to call her to again to ask her if she has gotten her self a pregnancy test or not… I never thought of that be4 sha you be sureboy jawe femi so i dialed her number immediately
Me: Hey! Hw far can we meet leta at the Park in the next 25minutes Busayo: Ok no problem i will call u when i get there
Me: Ok see you soon

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 12, 2016 — 9:32 pm

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