Must Read: My I.T Sexcapades (18+)… Part 100


A Story written by SFTW… If you missed Part 99, read it HERE!!!

Just a week before the monthly meeting I had a very clear discovery of what I had gotten myself to after my encounter with one of my madam’s friend who was the one that directed us to get Unclad and have S£x in front of all of them that night at Some underground auditorium at Maitama. She was the most beautiful of them all and she have visited like thrice since that last encounter at the club. 

One evening after my madam and I finished having S£x she asked me a silly question that goes
“Which of my friend’s will you like to have S£x with if you were to choose?”
I looked at her and tried to figure the motive behind her question but I saw a serious face and I tried to dodge the question with laughter but she asked again and I started thinking of all her friends that visited her often and all I could think about was Michelle the lady we met at Transcorp with a young man sometime ago and I remembered how I felt lust for her and I replied her
“Michelle” and she laughed and said “Ok but she doesn’t visit me, I mean the ones that visits me” and I kept silent and not long enough I replied her
“Chinny” that’s the lady I said directed us what to do, she is really beautiful and huge, she accords this respect from most of her clique whenever they are together as if she was the chairlady of the ‘Girls club’ or something of that nature. 
“Uhmmmm! Nneji! I know that’s what you’ll say, you know you like Bosom so much” she teased and I laughed out feeling at ease as she was taking the whole matter gently. She dismissed the topic and switched to another topic asking me about work suddenly. And I forgot about Chinny.

The next at work she summoned me about 11pm and said she wants me to run a little errand for her. It was not something she doesn’t do but it’s rare.
“Please I got something for Chinny and I want you to go and give it to her for me, she stays at asokoro” she gave me directives on how to get there on a cab and gave me her number after calling Chinny herself that I was on my way.

The parcel was just a brown evelope which content I never cared to know. I got a cab and gave him directions of where I was going and he charged me 3k to the estate and I hopped in bcause my madam gave me 10k for T.P. It was a little bit long drive from Garki and when I got there I called her to confirm and she asked the gate man to let us in. I was so wowed by the expanse compound, so posh and beautiful, My madam’s own was nothing compared to this. No doubt she’s in serious money! I was ushered in by a beautiful maid, the sitting room was so large as we walked past it and went upstairs. The maid’s hips was so cute but my mind was more focused on the paintings and riches around! 

When we got to her door, the maid knocked and she was asked to come in. Immediately we stepped in I saw her facing the mirror and the maid left closing the door behind her.
“O Nneji my fine young man!” she said turning her chair to face me. The bedroom was too large and intimidating.
“Good afternoon ma” I greeted her bowing slightly and putting on my best smiles. 
“Good morning dear, sit-down ” She said pointing to a seat by the bed side. In excitement I had forgotten it was not afternoon yet and I was there greeting her ‘Good afternoon’. I sat down and she stood up towards me as I handed her the parcel.
“Hope you didn’t find her hard to locate?” she asked with soft smile. Chai! This woman fine.
“No ma, I took a cab straight” 
She shook her head
“So what do I offer you?”
“Am ok” I lied. I needed something chill to cool my spirit but I wan maintain. She frowned and looked at me 
“You don’t come to my place without taking something, so I insist what do you want?”
“Ok get me any soft drink” I finally said. 
“Good” she said and went to press a bell button that looks like a telephone and in less than a minuets her door went open and the young lady that ushered me in came in.
“Please get some spirits and yoghurt with double glasses” she spoke with poise and softness, so soft and lovly was her voice that I watched the movement of her lips as they talk. The lady went out.
“So how’s work?” she asked crossing her legs as her full laps got exposed, laps so fresh fair and smooth and big! I never knew that slit on her skin was that high so I was practically seeing her thighs.
“Uhmmm work is fin” I managed to answer and she look at me queerly.
“Ok, cool, is anything the matter? You don’t seem relax”
Ahh so this woman don see the uneasiness for my face. I said to myself.
“Nooo, am good, just admiring these painting” I lied
“O really? Your cooperation supplied them”
“Uhmmm” I exclaimed with a little pride with eyes still glued on that laps.
The lady brought in the drinks and set in before a table between two of us and bowed out. We went on talking and drinking with her crossing and recrosssing her legs, showing me more.
“So how did you enjoy your night at the club, the other day” she asked and my heart missed a beat because she suddenly just changed the topic.
“It was quiet interesting” I said and she rolled her lips and smiled 
“Uhun! I know what you mean” she teased.
“What do I mean?” I asked and she just kept looking at me with a queer smile on her lips.
“You were hot that day though” she said and I smiled shyfully.
“Don’t tell me you are shy now because that day there was no shyness on your face when you hit Ola so hard” 

Damn! This woman is raw! I thought and found her more hot. 
“Uhmmm, I guess I was a bit tipsy probably”
“So you tryna say you don’t get intimate till you are tipsy?”
“No! I mean…” I broke as I don’t know what to say.
“You mean what?” she asked teasingly knowing how uneasy she was making to feel.
“Uhmmm I mean it was all crazy! I never knew how did that”
“Even when you were eating and screwing us, you don’t know?” she asked in a low seductive voice that brought fresh memories of that night that I couldn’t connect well till date. I smiled, bowed my head as I felt my preek kick. I think I know where she is heading to but i’ll play hard!

To Be Continued…

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