Must Read: My I.T Sexcapades (18+)… Part 106


A Story written by SFTW… If you missed Part 105, read it HERE!!!


* I and Lady Bisi when to a cosy bar, where she made me feel so good, we went to her house by night don’t really know what time it is but I knew I was feeling breezy and I also know we had S£x, not once but twice, yeah she told me how good I was on a later date, the next morning her maid made breakfast, we ate and off again something lead to a slow long intimacy. I was now concious and I was not finding it unenjoyable either. We two more meetings before I left Abuja

* A month to the end of my I.T I travelled to school for Project proposal defence, I was supposed tostay just a week but I ended up staying two weeks and those two weeks made me realise such a S£x addict I have become. I couldn’t have S£x with anyone, infact I realised I no longer fancy young ladies, I noticed how I was checking out older ladies, I know how to approach them but of what need when I can’t get intimate with them? I stayed without S£x for two weeks and was in a hurry to travel back to Abuja, I really distanced my colleagues from myself and they felt it’s because I have hit some money because obviously I was really looking tushed. 

* Back to Abuja I was so overwhelmed as I was received in grand style. My madam made me feel like the king of her life, for three days straight we got intimate and the next week I was at Lady Chinny again, Three days after I was with Lady Zini, the smallish lady, in general. Thanks to my parents they are never they suspecting types so they never bugged me for not coming back home.

* The last week when My I.T was supposed to end I started having mental issues, I was hallucinating so much, my madam did all she could to no avail, that was when my parents were contacted. I never knew that was the last time I will be seeing her till date. I was taken home but it persisted. Prayers were held for me at home where a chain was used to hold me due to the increased mental issues. Whenever the prayers started I feel my skin burning as I kept seeing images of Sekxual demons laughing at me. 

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 8, 2016 — 5:41 pm

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