Must Read: My I.T Sexcapades (18+)… Part 89


A Story written by SFTW… If you missed Part 88, read it HERE!!!

I stripped to my boxers and stepped into the tub and started pouring water on her body I noticed the water were touching her hair and I looked around the bathroom to located lots of shower caps hanging across the was, I got one and wrapped her hair into it as I collected the liquid soap on the shelf, pressed out a handfull and applied them on her skin and the foams splurged forward. I was taking my time as I ran the sponge over her arm and went over to the second one and lowly to her neck and down to her Bosom top. I urged her to sit up so her Bosom will be out of the water. I sponged them softly and proceeded to her back. Still putting on my boxers while I bath her she asked mt to pull and join her in the tub and I did as I noticed my preek a little turgid. She finally stood up so I can have access to the lower part of her body. I sponged around her massive globes, taking care to wash the under side of her Bosom. As I moved lower to her belle button I bent and she held my back to support herself. As I got to her southern hemisphere I rubbed the foams just above her pubes and splashed water on it and took my time to part her lips as I felt them wet and hot. I decided to get a bit naughty and I teased as I ran my middle finger along the length of her slit to feel more of the wetness, and I must confess it was really warm, but I quickly moved on as I recalled my aim of doing all this is to bring her back to a state of nolmacy so I can inquire who the man was. I finished bathing and dabbed her body with the towel and she went into the rooom while I quickly took a fast bath, fried my body with the extra towel and joined her inside the room. I helped her with her cream and she smelled so nice. I went over the wardrobe picked a nice nightie for her and pulled it over her body at this time her face looked more lively and I sat by her side and asked her if I should make her tea but instead of reply she was staring at me. I looked at her surprised and inquired again but rather she ignored my question and asked 
“Why are you doing this?” I just smiled and simply told her “Because I love you” and she kept staring at me.
“Come here” she said with open arms and she held me like that for some time with only our breath making noise and she started talking.
“I know you must be embarrassed about what happened this night, I know you need some explanation, I also know that I owe you that explanation” and I just kept nodded and kept humming positively in response. 
“I will tell you everything about myself,to help you understand me more, but that will be tomorrow as for now I need to sleep, I won’t want you to make me any tea, all I need is you by my side to hold me assuringly” she said in a weak quite voice and I replied 
“Am here my love”
She lay on the bed and dragged me with her holding me so tight, she planted a kiss on my lips and we kissed ever so slowly and soon she disengaged and murmured an ‘I love you’ and soon she was sleeping or so it seemed while my mind kept me company all through as I prayed for tomorrow to come fast to know who that man was so I know my fate in this relationship. 

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Sep 28, 2016 — 9:02 pm

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