Must Read: My I.T Sexcapades (18+)… Part 90


A Story written by SFTW… If you missed Part 89, read it HERE!!!

I was woken up with warm fresh kisses and as I opened my eyes to behold who was giving me this morning treat I saw her eyes sparkling- my madam! She was looking so bright and all natural, fresh like the rising sun. I noticed a flicker in her eyes as I stretched my body. “Good morning honey” she said to me parting my face. Her palms were so soft and warm. I wished it don’t stop rubbing. 
“Good morning Love” I replied. 
“Let’s prepare for work” she said dragging my lazy self up. Last night I had drifter off into the subconscious quite late as I was troubled by so many questions and which my busy wandering mind keep on raising. I had listened to the voice s in my head and forgot about the voices of the night. I had slept by her side with her full bosom pressing hard against my chest without my preek kicking for the first time. It was not like other nights I always wake up to feel her soft body against mine and grab the, rubbing till sleep takes over me and sometimes turning her up which will lead to a quick midnight S£x before we both retreat exhaustedly in each others arms. It was a night of mind wandering even if my body was present so right now I feel so weak and tired to arise as I have not had enough sleep for all my body and worried mind went through yesterday. 

She finally succeeded in pulling me up and her joy filled face motivated my spirit to arise, just last night she was the opposite of herself. We went to the bathroom where I took my brush (I have gotten a brush at which stays parmanently at hers over the months) while she went into the room
“Lemme get dressed” she said. 
“O! She have already taken her bath?’ I asked myself.
“What’s the time” I asked her instead of replying.
“Past 7a.m” I increased my brushing speed and soon I was done. I stripped immediately and flew into the tub to have a quick bath. By the time I came out of the bathroom she was fully dressed.
“Help me with these buttons” she said and I zipped up her gown getting a glimpse of her blue bra hook and her velvet smooth back. I rubbed a cream which she kept for me that I normally rub whenever I spend the night at hers. “Meet me at the dinning” she said rather too fast as she exit the room.’Was this not the same lady who was so down last night? Now full of life and energy?’ I thought as I watched her leave with a smile creeping into my lips. I was happy and I loved her more for she have my nature-not letting events gets to us for too long. 

At the dinner we ate rather silently only breaking it when I thanked her.
“No! All thanks to you!” You are the reason why am feeling fine now, God did sent you down here yesterday” she said looking at me while I kept mute and shot her a bright cheerful smile
“Alright set to go!” she said signalling me to get up. I usually wondered about the plates she leave at the dining to work but over time I learnt she had a nanny that checks in daily by 9am and leaves by 2pm to keep the house in order. About meals she always preferred to make her meals so the nanny’s work is just to keep the house neat and feed the dog. 

We drove to work and she promised to give me the full tale about the man as she promised when we come back from us. Yes I said ‘when we…’ because she had earlier told me that i’ll leave by 2 to go get my things after I told her I was only taking my bag with me as I won’t be needing my mattress, carpet and the drawings I did and pasted on the walls. 

Work was eventful that day monday, quite busy schedule that I didn’t even get to see Miss Lisa, I performed all my dutiesn transferred the files I had to and by 2pm I was on my way to my house. The sun seem to be having a feast with the cosmic elements as it shun at it’s brightest. Am sure if I have stepped on the tarred road bare footed I will get burns because the sun was really blazing, I saw a bird fly across the pedestrian bridge, not flapping it’s wing, maybe the sun was also getting to I and it was using its wing as a shade. I jumped into a cab that was screaming Bwari to my surprise because cars don’t normally go to Bwari direct from wuse and I happily board the cab, lucky enough I was the last to complete the passengers and the cab man hit the road.

As I got to my compound I noticed it was deserted but my landlord’s door was open. Who was inside I thought momentarily and forgot to guess as I didn’t give it so much thought as I brought out my key from my pocket and opened my door. I went straight to my pot to open it and was not surprised when I saw the rice spoilt. I just took it towards the door where I dropped my yellow gallon poured some water into it and went towards the bathroom and poured it away. The stew was still good so I just selected the meats that my mum had poured into the stew and started eating it as I savour my mum’s cooking prowess. ‘I hope my wife cooks this weel’ I thought in my head and I saw myself thinking about Mrs Adeola as my wife and giggled at the thought, though we love each other we can’t possibly get marrie not when I have sharon but ‘Heey! Marriage is still far why worry about it I queried my curious heart and continued enjoying the taste of the meat.

A fly zoomed past making that annoying noise and I darted my eyes to it’s direction and it flew past again circulating my head and I waved my left hand in the air to chase it away, the sweet scent of the stew must have dragged it close but come to think of it does these things even have nose? Well I leave that for Biology students. I was eating another piece of meat when a knock came on the door net and I looked up to see Jennifer, my pupil dilated as I asked her to come in as the door was open.
‘so she was the one inside’ I said to myself replying to my earlier thought of who was indoors. When she came in I noticed she was not looking so bright.
“Babe wassup naw?” I asked her looking at with the chuck of meat in my hand as I tried to swallow the one I piece I just chewed. 
“Am fine” she said
“And you keep your face like this? Oya come chop meat” I said to her raising the meat in my habd towards her and a smile spread across her lips brightening her up a bit. 
“Thank you” she said and immediately I frowned my face
“So you are rejecting my food” I said to her with feigned anger.
“Nooo! Ok oya gimme” she said coming closer and opening her mouth and I put a piece in her mouth and she made a ‘uhmm’ sound as she said “this meat sweet o”
I smiled at her and handed her the last one from the pot and she collected it before asking me “Na you cook this food?” 
“Yes naw” I replied and she looked at me doubtfully. I smiled wildly and she knew I was not the one that cooked it. Though I never told her it was my mum as that will make her know I travelled to Kaduna without informing anyof thwm so I quickly switched the topic by asking is she was the only one around and she replied in the affirmative, saying her mum went to the market and won’t be coming back till six when she normally comes back. Life of an admission seeker! This is how it’s always is. “That’s how I used to be bored at home before I got admission, everyone will leave the house and I will be alone” I told her. And I remembered how I always go to borrow adult movie from my friend and watch, jerking off to the moves when I feel like and at other times just watching and wondering if all the screaming and long bonking were really so pleasurable to them or they were just working according to the director’s directions. some other times when I watch a lady getting double penetration I look more at her facial expressions to know if she was feeling pleasure or pain or even both. Though I get confused by how she seem to take the pains of anal S£x, I had watched how she seem to scream in pleasure from being taken in the Buttocks and I had got convinced that it will be pleasurable as I inserted a finer into my butt hole but removing it was painful even after browsing about how to enjoy anal S£x and I have lubed my butt hole with lots of vaseline I felt no atom of pleasure as I poked my finger into my Buttocks. I had stopped loving anal S£x from that day, it never turned me on but rather off. At a later date I realised I watched Adult movie not for getting really turned on but to learn new skills, styles and to note if the woman is screaming out of pleasure of pain. Till date when I watch Adult movie the only part that turns me on is pre-intimacy. Prolonged pre-intimacy rally turns me on as I noticed the banging part is usually too rough and animalistic to turn me on and I noticed that the expressions on the actors faces are usually not from pleasure but from pain. Try googling about The Dark Side Of Adult movie and I guess you will see that all that glitters is always not gold! For this reason I noticed that soft Adult movie is actually the best and that’s the best selling Adult movie worldwide. 

So when she told me how she had been alone and noticed someone came in she peeped through the window to see I was the onen but didn’t come out as she was busy doing something. I never asked her what she was busy doing even though I was curious to know I never asked her even though my mind was suspecting she was frisking herself. I never asked her maybe because I was sure she will not tell me the truth about what she was doing. I asked her why she did not visit her friend Joy and she informed me that Joy travelled to the village, at the mention of Joy I remembered my encouter with her, I remembered how tight and kinky she is down there and I felt a little pulsating effect in my knickers and I looked her her and knew I will miss our hide and seek escapades as I plan to go live with my new lover. I looked at her with a sudden lust and knew I had a chance with her atleast one more time before I leave. 

She noticed the way I was staring at her and inquirwd what the matter was even though I was sure she knew what was running through my mind.

To Be Continued…

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