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Must Read: My I.T Sexcapades (18+)… Part 91


A Story written by SFTW… If you missed Part 90, read it HERE!!!

I looked intently into her lowering my eyelids and keeping a dreamy eyes as I drew close to her. Her face flushed in anticipation and I saw a flicker in her eyes as I noticed her edge closer, her lips quicker but I calmed it down by placing mine on hers and she shut her eyes as I parted my lips to suck on her lower lips in the midst of the kiss. We continued kissing, hands still just lips exploring when I felt her tongue dart dart forward and I grabbed it softly with my teeth, bitting her gently as I proceeded suck on her tongue like I wanted to pull them out of her mouth. I looked at her and her eyes are still shut. One thing I have come to learn over the years while kissing ladies is never to shut my eyes as it keeps me in control. Her breathing pattern changed and I noticed the heave in her Bosom as they rise and fall against my chest. I raised my idle arm and held her at the back of her neck pulling her closer to me. My palms roamed freely and got lowered on her back as I traced her skin through her shirt, feeling her spine and making dotted movement as I go downwards and upwards again. She pressed more into me and I felt her hand on my back as she made some little moans that melted away with her finger digging deep into my back. I found the hem of her polo and my palm disapeared underneath and I felt an electric flow surge through my body as I. Moved my palms on her bare skin. My other palm have unconsciously located her Bosom and were qiving them tight slow squeeze. I reached brushed against her bra hook and played with it a bit and proceeded to unhook them, the warmness of her bare skin against my palms made me to increase my movement. The palm giving squeezes to her Bosom grabbed her bra through her shirt and pulled it down and I felt her ni.p.p,l.e through the polo. They were turgid. It still surprises me how tips gets rigid and yet feels so soft! How also gets erect and yet feels soft, how preek gets rigid and still feels soft! All these are wonders of the body! I pinched her tip through the polo and she let out a loud moan into my mouth. Our lips haven’t disengaged. It was still fused like the Siemens twins. It was still exploring like the Columbus on the high sea. My palm couldn’t have enough of the tips through the polo so it strolled down located the hem of the polo and it disappeared underneath rudding her belle a bit and went straigh to it’s target. I felt the rough-smooth texture of her tips and I clipped it between my finger, by now her body was fully shaking and I broke the kiss came down to her neck so she can suck in some air. I bite her neck licking every pour of her skin as I got the salty taste. . I suddenly pulled out my hands from under her polo, disengaged myself from her grip and went to bolt the door. As I turned to face her she was leaning on the wall in a sitting position with liquid eyes melted with lust, I joined her, pulled her polo from her body taking off the bra together that I did not get to see the colour of the bra and I got fierce. I dragged her laps and made her lay on her back and placed a kiss on her lips but it was not to last long as I kissed her nose, blew small breeze into her nostrils that made her giggle a bit. I attacked her side and licked till I got to her earlobes, nibbling it gentle and giving it small bites. I dragged the fleshy sturdy meat pulled them, she had no earrings on and that made things easier. I left the lobes in peace and did my magic on her pinna, clrclingit with my tongue and leaving traces of saliva and without warning blew a hot subdued breeze into her ears and she shrieked but my hand held her ears steady as I engulfed her whole pinna into my mouth as if I was about to feast on her and she shrieked the more as I gave her tingling expressions that got her struggling to me freed bit I was not ready to let go and she started begging orally ” please stop, pleaseee…” with her voice melting away with pleasures. 

When I left her ears I grabbed her bresats gave them some hard squeeze. I love looking ath the way the queeze under my grab, it makes me more turned on. Kneading them gently, I lowered my head and placed my tongue around the areolas. The spongey texture got me circulating around them in an anti clockwise movement as I felt turf hairs on the. Leaving the tips arching for some sucks I went to the other mound of soft flesh did the same thing till she was wiggling her body under me so that I can suck on her n.i.p.p.l.e.s! I left it and went to the unfinished tip and gave the areloas small lick that was drgged slowly and I took the engorged erected spongy nips into my mouth sucking and biting. A moan which she have been surely suppressing let out loudly and I gave the same treatment to the twin sister before going down. Licking her hot bare skin and stopping at her belle button to perform another tease. The sparse smooth hairs below her belle button got soaked with my slippery silver saliva which I used to coat the generously as I licked and grabbed then between my teeth at intervals. 

When I got to her Kithy I settled down as I inhaled the musky scent from her feminine juice. I played with the trimmed pubic hairs pulling them painfully at intervals and gently at other time while my index finger dived into her glory hole to get some slivery kitty juice which I rubbed on her clit to lubricate them. The sensitive spot got more enlarged as I circled the tip of my finger around it and I flicked out my tongue and ran them over the length of her labia majora taking each second to appreciate the rough texture caused by her trimmed pube hair. My tongue lapped from the root and went up again this time parting past the labia majora to the labia minora to get a taste of her creamy silver juice. The musky taste uocked a wild part of my brain and I deepen my mouth into the gates of pleasure sucking away to bring forth more silver lined creamy juice for my taste buds pleasure. 

Her body squirmed and pulsates as felt a flush of abundant Creamy juice rushing forth and I lapped quickly to avoid getting a mess! One thing which I learnt from my boss! Never letting too much spittle out in other not to make a mess of the whole experience. I watched how flushed her face was and how limp her Unclad body was after the orgasm, I can’t tell how many she felt because I never asked. The whole sight was a great turn on and I remembered my raging preek it needs a warm oriface. Nothing turns me on like making a lady Pour, the plesure from making her squirm and thrash out makes the whole experience a memorable one that is why I still find it hard to know how rapists gets their preek erect to Molest their victims in such a terror stricken situation! I wonder how they enjoy the painful screams and the terrific sobs. I mean as I type this now (8:12pm, yes I just checked the time) my suddenly erected preek have gone down just at the mere thought of the experience! Yes! I that horrible! Please say no to Molest!! Even animales don’t Molest! Watch the dogs before Reproduction and you see the have the sense of Reproduction! I think it’s only the cork that rapes it females. 

I finally got a condom from under the matrass, the second one in the pack, I had used two before, one for her and the other for Joy. (SMH) as I pulled the condom over my turgid preek I saw her looking at ne with a fleshed expression and I planted a kiss on her lips and she literally ate my lips. It was the hot, grabbing my Buttocks cheek and lowering me unto herself. My raging preek which have become familiar with the female anatomy found its way and plunged into the slippery wet hole and a very warm atmosphere welcome it as I humped away to glory land!
I went a second round with her for the first time and it was few minutes to four when I left. I was leaving no condom behind and I was happy.

That was the last fuvk I ever had with Jessica even though I had promised to come and see her again, I had told her how I had gotten an accommodation closer and will be coming weekends. I had promised her a repetition of the whole event, I had told her how much I will missed her for that short period of time I won’t be around but none of my promises was fulfilled as a future event never allowed me to. I parked my bag that noon to My boss’s house. Just not long after I settled into my room to which she had given the key to before I left the office she came back and that marked the beginning of a new phase in my life that I came to realise when I was already hooked. We had dinner together. I felt so happy to be with her and she went to take her bath after I refused to join her in the bathroom as I had taken my bath after the S£x with Jessica before coming. All I wanted was for her to start her narration. So I waited for her to be done while my curiosity increased. Done with her bathing she she lay on the bed and asked me to help her with the cream while she started her story.

“That man yesterday is the man I wanted to marry after many years of being in many relationships, I have been with so many men but he seemed quiet serious with me and have been asking me to marry him since he is also a widower things have been been working out well between him and I until I started having feelings for you…” she paused and I my palms continued roaming on her bare back listening keenly for her to continue.

To Be Continued…

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