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Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+)… Part 10


A Story written by Miraxzeebility…

*updated by 6:20pm*

Jane later came by and handed me a bottle of Magic moment. Using a straw i sipped its contents slightly so as not to high.

Some dudes including the former headboy came and exchanged greetings with me.

Lots of games where played, i was fortunate to be called out by a busty girl during the game of devils basket.

She was told to give me a lap dance while i was instructed not to touch any part of her body or else pay a heavy fine.

“i will bail him out” i heard a voice said, as Omotayo walked to the stage with a bundle of Nnamdi Azikwe in her Hand.

“nO!!! , No!!!” the crowd protested.

The MC happily set me free from my misery and asked me to go. I held omotayo’s hands as i lead the way out of the suit, then down to the park.

“where are we going”, she inquired with a glimpse of fear on her face and in her voice.

I snubed her , with a straight face as i dragged her towards my mum’s car.

I quickly placed a deep kiss on her lips as i started savoring her mouth.

“what are you doing” she angrily said as she pushed me away and gave me a dirty slap.
Who is this girl to slap me, the last time i was slaped by a girl was when i was in JSS2, and ever since all the girls including the senior ones in the whole school never attempted that. A swollen eye and battered lips was what i handed to her. If not for the intervention of my dad i would have been expelled.

I smiled as i looked deep into her eyes and gently placed my lips on her mouth giving her a gentle mans French kiss,”there are many ways to kill a rat” i said in my mind.

“you are drunk” she managed to say as her resistance lessened.

I started given her neck and ears remarkable kisses as she moaned in despair. I easily pulled her oversized top over her head.

Two medium sized Bosom faced me, i became thirsty, i sucked her nips is i fondled her Bosom slowly.

Her moans told me i was doing a very good job. My mouth found it way to her navel as i sucked and used my hands to unzip the jean bum short she was wearing. 

I really don’t fancy sucking pushi but my mind changed immediately i saw her well shaven and admirable kitten.
I breathed in to fill my nose with the nice fragrance Approaching outta her. 

“oh please, please” , she was screaming as i sucked her kitty with the intention of drying her up.

I wanted putting a finger but she stopped me.

“am not a virgin, but i haven’t have S£x with a guy”, she later told me she was disvirgined forcefully by her uncle when she was 10 and ever since have hate for guys so she turned lesbian to satisfy her woman cravings.

I had a little pity as i opened the car and laid her on the back seat.
My Joystick at first found it hard to penetrate but it soon conquered as her kitty tried taking me in inch by inch.

We were patronizing the missionary position so i did the work of pumping in and out with hard thrusts. I could see tears in her eyes as my Joystick went in faster and faste. She had multiple orgasm as i finally withdrew, wind down the class and spilled my content.

What an amazing feeling.i laid back on the cheer exhausted.

“thank you, i love u” she said giving me a deep kiss.

Who said this was all about love, i smiled as i received her tongue.

To Be Continued…

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