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Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+)… Part 11


A Story written by Miraxzeebility…

Days passed after the rumbling with Omotayo at the party. It soon turn to be a few weeks and there wasn’t any major events.

I spent more time with my dad  at home and visited my Mum in her shop as i waited for the release of the WAEC result.

My Jamb  score  was 226, a nice score for computer engineering. I applied for FUT MINNA so i had to travel in a week time for the Post Utme. My dad insisted to accompany me to the exams though i protested,”who told you, you can Win an argument with a yoruba man?

The exams were successful as i scored 68%. I made sure to sound my trumpet to all and sundry that  cared to hear.

I wasn’t involved in Sekxual activities during this period but i was opportuned to feel some feminine bare back during my massaging section with female customers.

After my sexcapade with Rita(1st term, SSS2), i couldn’t find an opportunity to put my 7″ in any kitty, though i used my fingers when ever i faced Rita.

My friends Ifeanyi and Deji, were regular straffers. I can remember looking out for  them both as the Straffed a female class mate  on the eve of leaving school after the Junior WAEC in our vacated JSS3 class during th evening dining period.

The girl in picture, Bola was busy sucking on ifeanyi’s dilk while Deji’s fat 8″( that guy has the biggest dilk i have ever seen) was going in and out of her kitty through the back.

I refused to partake due to the fear of being caught.

My Friends always took me for a S£x weakling until i told them to look out while i bleeped a JSS3 student in the second term of SS1.

Now back in focus,my school life took a very good turn when the headgirl told me of her intentions to be my school mother, that was in the beginning of the second term. I shook my head in agreement as i was so shock to answer with my mouth.

She kept to her role as a mother by providing me with excess food and protection. There was this  day i broke bounds to play play station 2 and was caught by some prefects.

Luckily, i wasn’t punished when i told them my name. I knew the head girl must have had a hand in that. She introduced me to her younger sister who turned out to be Angela, the girl that later became a bad omen to me.
End of Flash Back.

I was woken up by a  call one morning from Ifeanyi telling me the Waec result was out and also reminding me of his family’s thanksgiving coming up in 2 weeks time.

“i don hear u”, i said weakly as my heart beat increased its beating pace. I knew i wrote the exams well combined with the *bullets* dem boys downloaded from the internet.( chai, expo dey hot den).

I prayed for 30 minutes before i stepped out of my room and headed to the parlor.

“Daddy, Good morning”, i greeted my father with all calmness as i sighted him watching the news.
I was scared to tell him about the release of the result, not yet at least until i checked it.

“i received a text that WAEC has released its result”,he said.

“I haven’t heard about that, sir”

“ok, now u have heard, can u go and write down your examination details, so i can check yours when i go to the office”

my mouth went sour and my legs weak as i struggled my way to do as he said. He soon left with his power bike to the office not after asking me to wash the four cars crystal clean before he comes back.

My dad can be one kind of a man, he could smile with you by 4pm and flogged you by 4:03pm. Though he last flogged me during the holidays after junior WAEC.
I was praying i shouldnt fail cos wat happened 3 years back could happen again.

I fasted to the amazement of my brothers, how i wish they knew how pressurized i was.

Time check,some minutes past 8pm and i could hear the sound of the power bike rode by the power man. My brothers went to the gate as i went into my room covering a blanket over me.

“Miracle!!!”, i heard my dad calling  me in an angry tone.

I muttered as i ran down to the parlor to face my fate. I saw my mum staring at my dad with a certain look i couldn’t decipher,she must have come back with my dad. I tried reading her but i couldn’t.
There was a minute silent maybe because i failed before my dad broke the graveyard like silence.

To Be Continued…

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