Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+)… Part 13


A Story written by Miraxzeebility…

My new attitude surprised the neighbours and my peers within the estate, i woke up early as i prepared to church on the day of our worship (i go to an unorthodox church, but not Pentecostal. If i type the name here i guess a lot of people will unravel my real identity). The service was boring as usual but i felt a closeness with God during the service. I told all who cared to here the outcome of my exams. 

***Fast forward** 
Two days to the thanksgiving of my friend’s family,i left via a bus not before receiving warnings and advice from my parents.

I was seated at the back of the 18 seater bus heading to suleja. A journey of 45 minutes took an hour due to the hold up at Madalla( Thursday’s is a major market day). I boarded a sienna heading to minna, with my black glasses i frowned through out the journey to minna via the very bad road and pretended not to notice the very beautiful girl sitted next to me. The only attributes i observed was that she was tall,slim with fair skin. She was my type of girl. I succeeded in ignoring her completely.

We soon arrived MX(minna), 
“bida!!, lapai!!!, kontogora!!!” rented the air as i located a small Toyota car with “KONTOGORA” placard on top of the roof.
Locating my arse towards the last corner of the backseat i placed my cloth-filled student bag on my laps. I wore my Bluetooth headset as i listened to my most loved Wizkid collection. 

I was shaken my head to the song “pakuromo” when i felt a slight tap on my arm. I turned and found myself staring.

i found my self staring at a very beautiful face, she wasn’t putting on any make up but she still looked very beautiful in all glory.

“please can u dress a bit”,she requested with a smile revealing  twin dimples.

I quickly adjusted trying to hide the fact that i was staring immensely at the same lady i totally ignored during the trip to Minna.

“Hi”, i managed to say at last.
“Hi”, she replied bluntly as she plugged in an earphone.

Soon the journey started as we all paid , i was busy accessing the angel sitting beside me, her hair was dressed into a  ponytail, the lips alone was something to write home about cos i know i will boast to my friends if i have an opportunity to kiss such lips.

I wanted striking a conversation after realizing wat i rejected earlier on.
I could swear she was feigning this rude attitude or wasn’t this the same lady who tried engaging me in a conversion on our way to minna from Suleja.

My body weakened when i realized am just wasting my time. I wore my headphone and started  singing along to Wizkid’s “Love my baby”.

My voice wasn’t all that bad and i knew so i increased the volume of my voice as i focused outside the window observing the fast movement of trees.

Minutes later i felt a tap on my shoulders from the angel beside me, i thought she must have gotten enticed by my stylish singing but i was wrong when she pointed towards the man sitting behind her.

“o foi, why am i disturfing our feace”, the fat Northerner said with contempt in his eyes.

“or i think na only me be fassenger”

i felt embarrassed and annoyed but i knew replying that Mallam will only lead to more problems.
I just smiled to the amusement of everyone.

“driver i wann piss” i shouted.
The driver found a spot and parked his car.

I came down and headed to the front with my bag in my hand. The car is a sienna car, 2 passengers at the front; 4 in the middle; and 3 at the back.

“my guy go sit down for back”, i offered to a guy who was sitting uncomfortably in the front seat.

He thanked me as we soon exchanged seat to the amazement of every one.

The remaining part of the journey was uneventful. Minutes later the driver drove into the park at   kontogora, i alighted as i tried calling Ifeanyi for diretions to his house.
His number wasnt going through. I remembered writing it down in a paper i safely tucked into my wallet.

I touched my pockets but couldn’t find my wallet. My eyes went misty as i tried figuring out where i dropped my wallet containing 5 thousand bucks. “Ah, i don die today o, where will i head to”, i thought aloud.

I could still hear my father’s voice in my head despite the noise in the park.
“be careful with your wallet o”. He was drawing his ear in the yoruba way.

“looking for this?”, i heard a female voice asked as i turned around and saw Anita( as she later told me her name was) with a frowned face, in her hand was my black wallet.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 30, 2016 — 8:43 pm

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