A Story written by Miraxzeebility…

i collected my wallet from her and thanked her. I offered to buy lunch for her, though she put up a little resistance,she succumbed when i threatened to lie down flat on the ground if she keeps turning down my request.

We headed to the eatery and settled down to a meal of rice and coke.i kept making her laugh while she tried her best not to digest wrongly.

“you know Nigeria will be better if Goodluck steps down for you”

she smiled and soon our discussion went intimate. Anita told me she schools at the College of Education located there and went home to suleja to see her parents. I told her i was a FuT minna hopeful.

“borrow me your number, i misplaced mine”, i said handing her my phone.

I promised to call her and visit her before i leave for Abuja. I arrived the resident of my friend after sunset. I wasnt surprised by the huge standing building cos i knew his parents were wealthy. (his provisions and Swags in Secondary school says it all).

Ifeanyi wasnt in, i met his twin sister (he opened the gate), i was warmly received by his mother alongside his elder sister,and younger brother.

I settled in his room and dozed off. I was later woken up by him as we both went to the dining table for Dinner. His dad welcomed me and told me to feel at home while his mom told Chinaza his twin sister to make sure i felt comfortable.

The next morning being a Friday morning, we both started the day with a game of Pes2 as i flogged him mercilessly even while using NigerIa.

Breakfast was served in his room by his twin.
“good morning”,she greeted with a smile.
“morning” , we both replied.

“i was greeting only Miracle”, she said as she switched off the television and asked me to start eating.

I had to hold ifeanyi from chasing after her as she stormed out the room calling him a lazy boy.

We both ate, bath and headed out in his Rubber-Rubber machine.i told him about Anita and he told me we are gonna storm that school on Sunday.

That evenining the house was filled to the brim, ifeanyi called his girl friend (Faith) to come over she came with a friend of hers(Joy).

To Be Continued…

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