A Story written by Miraxzeebility…

I boarded a cab heading to the location, memories of My past life (graduating from a Federal School in Minna is nw a thing of the past.)
flooded my mind i found myself sad and happy at the same time.

Oh my sweet Angela, i realised am gonna miss my official girlfriend and it seems my dreams don’t wanna believe she is now safe from my high Sekxual activities. 

I wasn’t a novice when it comes to S£x cos as far as i can remember i had my first Bleep before i was 10. I remember it was at a church night vigil days to my resumption as a Secondary school student. I and my childhood crush kept discussing were we sat with my impending journey as the sole topic. Jane later told me to escort her buy chewing gum from a northerner’s kiosk at the next street. Time check some minutes past10: pm.

Minutes later we were seated at the back of the church car park exchanging Saliva though i was a novice i can swear she wasn’t. There was nothing to press at the upper section of her body so my hand stayed put on her shoulders. My short went down while her skirt went up, she directed my pencil into d sharpener, I can’t describe the feeling i had but i knew i just had S£x.

I alighted from the the cab,paid and boarded a bike to my dad’s school which i arrived in 2 minutes time. 

Security man: Small oga (i am my handsome father carbon copy) u don come back? 
I paid the bike and answered him in positive.
Getting past the gate i observed that the students were gathered in groups rehearsing for the end of year party.

I walked past them with my face as stoned as a stone and headed to my dad’s office. Schooling away from home made me not familiar with the endowment of Ladies in this part of the world. I was soon aware of stares and giggles from some matured human beings seated at the upstairs of the Senior secondary school section i stole a glance and realised my father has been collecting Money as School fees from the parents of such beautiful creatures. I swear i will give all beautiful girls free education if i gat an opportunity to run this school.

I was deep in such thoughts when i heard my name i turned around receiving a hug from……., Guess who?

To Be Continued…

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