A Story written by Miraxzeebility…

Yup, you really don’t need to guess hard… As i turned back i was enveloped by a hug as massive as that of a bear.i had no choice than to lift my now stiff hands and place on the waist of my Angelic Jane(only her will be so bold to hug me in such a place) .

Jane: wattsup Mimi(i always thank my parents for giving me such a nice name) 

” i am good long time”, i replied as
we both headed to the admin office,i went in to see my dad,collected my weekly allowance hastily ( not before recieving words of counselling) and returned to chatting wit Jane.( who was fortunately the female social prefect).

I told her how i missed her cos we last saw 2 months ago and finally collected her contacts.
Funny enough i had no opportunity to touch Jane since our last sexcapade nearly a decade ago. I guess it was the vice principal that called on her as we immediately disengaged while i hurried home to eat my breakfast, smilling as i added her up on my 2go contact list.

I logged my dear 2go(o hw i miss my 2go) and start chatting with my ex class mates. I got a message from Ifeanyi my partner in crime,we chatted a bit and shared some old memories,he then invited me to Kontogora(Niger state) for his parent’s marriage blessing which i hurriedly obliged to.

Three days later and i was almost killed by boredom i went to chill at the balcony of our One storey building apartment. Moments later i saw a young fulani girl hawking *Fura da Nunu*. Her God given Nunu company was almost bigger than the calabash she held on her hand (i am a Bosom guy) immediately i grew too thirsty. I immediately called her with my *americanized* hausa language.

“zo, inan so sia nunu”( come, i wanna purchase nunu) i shouted as i directed her to push the gate and come in. I hurriedly ran down to meet her. Standing infront of me was a slim lady, tall with rounded Bosom. Her fair skin was covered with their local tattoo. I stood mouth opened till she talked me out of my day dream.( i was already pointing my Dilk into her pothole with clothes down).
nunu nawa Kei na so(how much nunu do i want to buy) she asked.

I told her while i handed my plate to her. I asked her for the names which she told me. 5 minutes later she was through and time for payment i asked her to follow me inside to receive her pay (oh her pay)!

To Be Continued…

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