A Story written by Miraxzeebility…

The sensation i felt made me sighed with pleasure. The softness of those hands slowly cementing my back made me moan in satisfaction, no one needed to tell me i was being handled by a professional. Turning around to see who was doing such wonderful works on my body came to my mind but as a professional in the act of massaging i know it isn’t allowed.

I wanted trying my luck anyway.
“you know it isn’t allowed”, i heard my tormentor said. 

My head swelled when i heard the voice, oh i know that voice from somewhere. My heart skipped two seconds as i tried decoding who my tormentor was. 

OMG!! I screamed with surprise in my mind. Now i recognized the person making me feel like am in heaven. I wanted spilling it out, as if she already knows what was in my mind she inserted a finger in my butt hole. Tho my briefs was on i felt so good that i could not say a word,

She immediately drag my briefs down exposing my bare butt to her face. Soon it seems my butts was been devoured as she used her teeth and tongues as the tool of massage.

My dilk now fully erect cried in pain due to the contact it was having with the mat.

“What d hell are u doing”?, I said to her holding her hands.

To Be Continued…

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