Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+)… Part 6


A Story written by Miraxzeebility…

Silence engulfed the “kill room”.
I felt foolish for expecting an answer, for God’s sake y d hell do i tend to spoil Moments of pleasure with my arrogant mouth.

I gat to do something to make up for fouling the mood.

“you can continue”, i said as i rolled upward staring at the semi- unclad body of the secretary who has been my *Konjitor* all this while.
Her gown perfectly fit her slim yellowish body. She looked more beautiful than ever. Her hair was ponytailed. I could have sworn she was a teenager not the 23 year old lady she was. She looked so perfect.

At age 16, i wouldn’t have imagined myself getting such pleasure from a lady older than my elder sister. 

I saw a glimpse of lust in her eyes and took control of the moment by placing a professional kiss on her lips. I withdrew to checkout her reaction but easily noticed she must be enjoying this due to he fact she had her eyes closed nd was unconsciously/ consciously licking her lips.

“Time to return the pleasure” , i whispered to her, as i drew her face to mine, we were both in a kneeling position though i was a bit taller, i could easily place my lips on her neck nape.

Moans after moans erupted from her which made my *animality* increased. I gave her neck nape gentle bites as my hand found my way into her mini gown nd hard pressed her Bosom.

“Who doesn’t wear a bra for such a job”?, i whispered to her

“Someone who admires her customer” she replied as she used her hands to handle my now erect Joystick.

“You know i love your boldness and manliness, that is why i choosed to handle you personally not sending in casual handlers”

Madam secretary was now pulling my Joystick up and down like she wants to start a generator. 

She really started a sensation in me which was so real and lovely, she pushed me to the floor and enveloped my Joystick with her soft mouth.

I unconsciously moaned so loud as she sucked my Joystick like her life depended on it. She will give the tips a gentle bite and take it all in. I could feel my Joystick touching her voice gland. 
Her hands were massaging my balls as i involuntarily bleeped her mouth.

My mighty man was now fully at attention.
“this doesn’t look like a Joystick of a teenager” , i heard her screamed to her self. As she withdrew her mouth and licked my tips.

I laughed it off and started pinching her Tips, she reciprocate the favour and pinched.

That did the magic as i knew i was about to reward her efforts with my showers of blessing. I quickly withdraw my Joystick from her mouth and applied my expulsion dismissal techniques.

Realizing the amount of time spent, she stood up heading to the door. “Oh i must bleep that Kittycat even if i don’t taste it” i said in my mind.

Her hand was know on the door knob leading to the changing room, I raced towards her,lifted her gown up, lifted her legs up and inserted two fingers in her pucci hole. She was backing me and using the door and knob as her support.

I finger bleeped her roughly as i felt her juice all over my fingers. I now directed my rod into her pothole from the back.

Tho i was a slim guy with a Joystick of maybe 7″, i could swear she was a slim girl with a pucci as deep as 10″. She gasped as i shoved my Joystick as fast as i could in a digging movement.

“Oh bleep me, yes baby do it faster. “My baby boy u r killing me o, kill me please” she was screaming.

The next 10 minutes met me still ramming her from behind and the secretary having numerous orgasm. 

“i will release” i stammered as i grab her hair.

With that she swerved her Buttocks backwards as she said “am safe”.

My balls ached and i jetted my seed, i could feel her pucci tightened on my Joystick and a shout of victory at last from both our mouths.

I drained all my liquid inside her as i fell flat nd rolled unto d mat.
Madam secretary knelt down out of exhaustion.

“where did u learnt that”? She asked as she opened the door and steped into the changing room knowing she just asked a rhetorical question.

*i really need to know am doing something*

one or two word will do..

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 26, 2016 — 7:45 pm

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