Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+)… Part 7


A Story written by Miraxzeebility…

3 days after i went intimate with madam secretary i remained on my sick bed. 

I felt feverish, headache, body pain and nausea. I was scared cos i Googled out the symptoms of HIV and saw all the symptoms i had were included in what i saw online.

My Dad called the family doctor that friday morning to come and check me out. 

I prayed to God to give me one more chance, i even promised not to have S£x until marriage. 

Was it that madam secretary have given me HIV under 3 days or what?.
Some Memories came into my mind.


“Godsmiracle, what was i saying”, our SS2 G&C Master barked at me. I have been engaged in a discussion with Rita the assistant class rep at the extreme end of the class.

I stood up smiling because i know i will surely disappoint this old man who loves to embarrass me.

“come and knell down here,if you don’t know what i have been hammering on 30 minutes ago”, he quickly added with a devilish smile on his face.

I laughed inwardly, i wish this man knew his topic was what motivated the discussion between me and Rita.

“sir, Prevention of STD’s and birth control is what we are discussing with birth control as the sub topic”.

“in our last class you told us to make sure we protect our selves from STD’s by abstainance or the use of condom”. ”

I prefer the use of condom especially rough rider if i am to engage in extra Marital S£x. ” 
i said with all seriousness .

I was cut short by the laughter of my 52 class mates that almost shook the whole school.

I begged them to stop laughing and continued.” today, sir u talked about birth control. Birth control is required when the couples are not ready for child bearing.” i said smilling now turning to Rita.

“we have different ways of controlling birth which includes: using of contraceptives, usage of pills and withdrawal method(i said smiling at Rita)”.

Knowing he was defeated, the teacher asked me to sit down amidst applaudes from my classmates and whistles from my Best friends(who understood what i just achieved with that speech).

Rita and I have been crushing on each other for a while. Though i managed to kiss her once she always seems scared to go further, i knew she was afraid of being pregnant because i cleared her doubts on HIV after we were forced to a free test by our Principal. 

And that day i used the opportunity given by my teacher to tell her there won’t be any problem if we go further.

That night i was opportuned to touch her Bosom when we were romancing. We both sneaked out to our usual spot inside an uncompleted PTdF building.

We kissed like never before. All this while we do sneak in there we mostly engaged in conversation that doesnt help my Joystick in any way.

Imagine after sneaking into a building, a girl start asking you to mention the differences between acid and base.

I used my hand to unbutton her green check as my right hand found it way into her not to big Bosom.i pinched her Tip as i shifted the bra upward.

To Be Continued…

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