Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+)… Part 8


A Story written by Miraxzeebility…

“I am good” , i replied as i struggled to sit on my bed.

He brought out a Stethoscope placing it on my bare chest. He opened my eyes and used the ophthalmoscope to check my eyes.

I also opened my mouth as he finalized his examination. 

He started writing some indecryptable words.

“you will be alright”, he said turning to me.

I felt a bit relieved when he told my parents it was just typhoid. My daddy suggested it was my stay in school that must be responsible.

My medications were handed to my mum. The next days were unevenful. My two kid brothers choosed to use my predicament as a tool to disengage from the end of year activities. Ayo and Emma(my twin kid bros) usually do the laundry for me during this period.

Ayo: Big bro, are u the one that fulani girl came looking me

“she even gave me this to give u as i told her u wia sick”

i was soon gulping the bowl of nunu into my system.

This sickness have made me lost the opportunity to juice out this fulani girl. I made up my mind to recover quickly and started from where i stopped.

Later in the night i logged into my 2go as i chatted up with my friends updating them on my health status.

I received a message from Jane, telling me my kid bro(mr amibo ) told her i was indisposed. We chatted as she told me the graduation party was the following Wednesday and her class arranged for a get together party at Metro Hotel Kubwa on Wednesday night.

I told her i missed her as she promised to visit me on Monday.

On Monday i chased my kid brothers to school threatening to report them to their v.p.

Time check 10 am. I received a call from Jane telling me she was on her way. I took my bath and made some necessary arrangements to the mess my kid brothers engineered.

I soon heard a knock on the gate, i hastily did 30 press ups so as to look fit.

I made sure i heard another knock before i cat walked to the gate.
I received an intimate hug from Jane as i opened the gate. She was wearing a skimpy gown.

My face frowned a little when i saw another girl coming inside she was putting on a jean with a very big shirt.

“mimi; this is my friend Omotayo”, she smiled as she introduced 

i outstretched my hand with a slight frown on my face.

“welcome Omotayo” i said as i felt her soft hands.

She smiled and said thank you. We disengaged and marched towards the house.

Me: what will i offer you girls?

Jane: mimi don’t stress urself for me o.

I ignored her and went to the fridge bringing out a bottle of red wine.

We drank as the girls concentrated on the movie playing on the plasma hung on the wall.

I tried accessing the ladies from where i sat opposite them. All i could decipher was unlike the fair skin and height they both had, their Bosom and hips varied in size. Though they were both beautiful i will pick Jane anytime, anywhere. 

I went over to where Jane was seated and gave her a surprising kiss on the lips as i dragged her back to my seat to sit on my laps.

“hmmm, shey u said u wia sick”, she asked.

“i was but i feel ok seeing u here”
“you must be d best medication for me”.

She smiled and faced me as i planted a kiss on her lips. We were soon kissing passionately as she wrapped her hands over my neck. My tongue found it way out of her mouth to her neck.

I licked and kissed as she moaned gently. I could feel my junior nodding in agreement and encouraging me to go further.

“Hum hum”, omotayo coughed. As we quickly disengaged.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 28, 2016 — 7:26 pm

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