Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+)… Part 8


A Story written by Miraxzeebility…

I soon found my mouth on her Tips, my tongue tasting and flipping it with all zealousness as i exchange the job between the two not wanting to cheat one for the other.

She screamed as i gave both Tips gentle but strong bites. 
I immediately disengaged from my duty so as to check out for anyone coming.

Luckily, there wasnt any movement, as the night was silent.

“you can sabi scream o” i teased after making sure we were safe from expulsion.

“Na you cause am na” she replied.

I covered her lips with my mouth as i unbuttoned her skirt. My hand (my dear left hand) located her panties then She put up a resistance.

“baby you gat to trust me, i mean no harm”, i assured her as i gave her neck a gentle bite.

My left hand was found its way to her hair smooching it with all care, and into her mouth as she sucked my slim lady-like finger.( i always receive admiration from both S£x for my beautiful finger nails).

The school bell rang for close of prep, i had to do something. I wasn’t with any condom so i had to fvkk that nice looking pushi raw.

I inserted my finger into her tight pucci hole, she sighed when my second finger struggled it way in. I could feel her fluids all over my Hands as i used it to lubricate my dilk. 

Ooossh!!! Gently please!!. She was saying as my 7″ tried finding a route in her very tight pushi. I instantly knew she wasn’t a virgin but must have stayed years without S£x.

Leave Mater for Mathias joor. My waist whined in harmony with the makossa beat playing in my head.

Using the wall as a table, i lifted her legs up and thrusted deeper as her pushi walls now adjusted to my Joystick size. 

She was a lousy fvkka so i used my mouth to cover hers. I kept on ramming in tune with the second bell signaling end of prep.

“my husband”, “my heart beat fvvck me till i die” “yes,no” “ah heeeh” she kept muttering as my pace went fast and steady.

Minutes later it was time to reap the fruit of my labour(arranging and fvkking that pushi was like hard labour), she started trembling and rained my Joystick with her Pour,I felt my inner pipe trying to accommodate my Pour. I quickly withdrew and spilled my seed on the wall. 

Mission accomplished, though it was dark i could see her vibrating in ecstasy. 

We later sneaked into our hostels.

#end of flashback.

That was the last time i had unprotected S£x excluding my rumble with madam secretary 3 days ago.

“hello, Miracle”. I heard the doctor said as he barged in to my room alongside my parents.

To Be Continued…

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