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Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+)… Part 9


A Story written by Miraxzeebility…

“why did you bring this human being to my house”, i whispered licking her ear lobes.

She sighed a little and used her hands to touch my Mountainous Joystick enclosed by my tight jean.

I took that as a signal to ignore The intruder and continued with the licks on her ear and neck. I stole a glance at Omotayo and saw her pretending to be engrossed in the movie,Na Konji go kill you i said in my mind.

I decided to give her a public show as i told Jane to stand up. While still sitting down i turned her to face me as she Straddled my laps her eyes closed all this eyes.

Our position was now a face me i face u position. 

She started smoothing my low cut hair, as she tried pulling off my shirt i assisted by raising my hands in an *i surrender* way.

Her lips left my mouth and down to my Tip. She sucked me there for a while before whispering “a nice Body u have”. ( i have a God given 8 pecs or 8 lines as my friends call it).

I was shocked when she found her hand into into my unzipped jean. 
She was now on her knees as she enveloped my Joystick with her mouth.

I felt the urge to Pour due to the accumulated pleasure to Pour. Sensing what was about to come she increased the pace of pumping. Then she pressed my testicles slightly.

My eyes went wide as i felt my Pour running all the way from my balls. I stole a glance at Omotayo and saw her still pretending to be watching the movie.(or is she a lesbian or what).
Moments later my seeds flew in large quantity into the waiting mouth of Jane as she sucked me dry. I was surprised when she swallowed it.

The idea of having S£x while been watched crept into my mind.
“let us give ur friend a show”, i told her as she straddled me in a cowgirl position.

“she doesn’t do Joystick” she replied confirming my earlier presumption.

I looked towards were she was sitting and saw her smiling looking us.

She must have heard our conversation. *Me self no care*,

i lifted my cowgirl’s gown using it to cover her face. Her bare Bosom greeted my face(she wasn’t putting on a bra), while a thonged kitty greeted my Joystick.

I sucked her now firm and pointed nips as she encouraged me with her moans. I could feel her liquids dripping on my trousers.

My finger found it way to the clit as i massaged it gently, later the finger went in as i scratched her inner flesh, i added another finger and she started moving her waist forward matching my thrust.

Bearing it no more she held my Joystick and adjusted it into her pothole… We both shivered as her pushi walls kept adjusting to my size.
With her hands wrapped over my neck and my hands on her waist she started riding me.

She rose up and down while i met her rhythm with upwards thrust. I was in heaven at last.

We fvucd for over 10 minutes in this position as the sound of our S£x organs and gentle moans rented the parlor.

I stole a glance at omotayo and saw her urging me on with her thumbs up. What a mad girl i thought.
Jane wasnt a lousy bleeper so i was scared when she screamed so loud. I looked down and saw whitish substances coming out from her pushi.

That was all it took as i emptied all i got into her as we hugged tightly.

That was the best S£x i have ever had ” she said after we finished cleaning up.

She later left with her friend not before promising her of my presence in the upcoming party.

The next day went unevenful cos of the rain that blasted those kubwa witches all day. My mum came back late in the night when i was sleeping, she woke me up and asked about my health, she later brought the remaining medicine and forced me to complete the dose.(i hate medicine).

Wednesday came, the school graduation ceremony was slated for 12 noon. So i took my kid brothers as early as 8am to the barbing saloon. Twas a unisex saloon though, i did my best to avoid any conversation with the girls i met there.

11:30 am and i was cruising my dad’s Camry alongside my brothers heading to the school. I made sure i always check out my face using the side mirrors at intervals.

We arrived and i located a last angle to put my buttocks in the large hall. Soon the program commenced.

My highlight of the day was when a group of girls led by Omotayo performed a dance to the song Oliver twist by Dbanj.

There was a time Dbanj said, “you must move bumbum, shaki bum bum”.

The velocity this girls used to whine their Buttocks was so rapid. Cheers rented the hall.

After the awards, i went out to chill in the car. I saw Jane and hailed her to come over. She came together with her partner Omotayo. I began suspecting Jane to be a Lesbian.

We talked, even Omotayo showed all interest. They later left after reminding Me of the party.

By 6pm i told my mum am out to chill with some friends, i promised her to work in the spa free for a whole week if she allows me use her car.

After much sweet mounting, she obliged. 

30 minutes later i was parking like a king at the Vip park section of the hotel.

I love parties but dot know how to dance so i remained seated at a secluded section of the party room(it was inside an executive suit, trust this abj kids can afford twice of that).

To Be Continued…

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