Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+) ‘Season 2… Part 24

?A Story Written By Miraxzeebility… 

“the library of course”, she insisted and i succumbed.

We went for another round of intense reading and we were joined by the course rep, and 8 more individuals.

“Section closed”, i hammered as i realized it was almost 5pm.

“y u no go talk like that wen you dey score 28/30”, the big mouthed class rep blurted.

Like a thief caught red handed i was the object of stares and soon was mandated to be the lead tutor in another 2 hours of intense tutorial.

Getting home that day i could sense the air of superiority i was given after the Gen course rep mouthed.

Tolu even said she suspected those marks were mine while Cynthia said she knew i was a slow poison.

I waited for them to all dispatch before driving d SUV out of UI. 

After driving into the compound i alighted and saw all the occupants Maryam exclusive having a meeting.

I joined in without an invitation and told them the Generator i saw was 120k( i lied cos i didn’t want to disappoint them) we the occupant paid the 110k with me volunteering to pay 30k while the landlord pays 10k.

“this three aunties i don’t know your name”, i inquired.

They all introduced themselves anew including Landlord Peter and Doc Chinaza.

“Godsmiracle is mine”, i said smiling.

“Mimi is preferable” Deola a nurse at UCH said.

“Our Miracle or My Miracle”, Emem the most breaslocious of them all suggested.

They all laughed as the meeting dismissed i went into Doc’s room first and we gisted for a while before i went back to my room.

I quickly ate the Semovita and Draw soup with numerous beef that Maryam prepared.

“strength at last”, i howled as i raised Maryam up while she protested and took her into the bathroom.

“you will know the difference between 5 minutes and a Minute”,

i muttered to myself as i scrubbed her back as we bath using the water of the shower.

Did i mention to you guys that the re is a bathtube in my bathroom?

To Be Continued… 

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