Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+) ‘Season 2… Part 53

A Story Written By Miraxzeebility…
A week before another destiny changing event occurred i was having strange feelings. That was the final week before my resumption back to U.I for my second semester. 
That Sunday morning i work up feeling weak, i had been engaged in a fvvk fiesta the night before. Me and Ifeanyi had visited his cousin Adaora at the University of Abuja on Saturday. It was her birthday and she was celebrating it at school. 
We arrived the venue fully loaded both in cash and condom cos we knew that night gonna be a good good night. 
Four beautiful ladies welcomed us at the entrance of the venue. They asked for our I.V and i was like ‘if i no get I.V this ladies no fit stop me jare’. I later hushed back that ideology as i saw two guys with muscles like ‘the rock’ sitting observing the entrance.
“O boy show them the I.V na”, i asked Ifeanyi.
He did and we were soon seated. I was pleased at the view i was beholding. Ladies half dressing the way i love it..
“na die we go die for fvvking this night”, Ifeanyi said
i silently prayed to God to help me survive the night cos i told my parents i was off to Ifeanyi’s place for a family thanksgiving. A lie that could be so blatant if i die on a Kittycat.
My God answered my prayer cos an hour later me and my guy hooked up with a beautiful set of twins. I quickly told Adaora of our intentions and soon enough a key was handed to us.
“you guys should manage a room, at least you are both paddies”, she annoyingly stated.
I really never cared about that at least that wasn’t the first time. We later fvvked the twins anti clock wise. Real fun tho.
I stood up and headed to the bathroom still feeling mixed. It was already around 3pm when i woke up so i wasn’t planning on going out again.
I picked my phone and called Maryam, we had become closer during the holidays. We weren’t suppose to be dating but it seems we were. 
We talked lots of romantic things on phone centering mostly on our love for each other. I was in love with her. Young me was in love with Maryam. After our 3hours call duration i felt so happy to have Maryam. I thought we could only be fvvk buddies without feelings encroaching but i was wrong.
That night i was so jovial that i even helped my brothers to do some house works.
* i was in a party dancing and my name was been chanted. “Miraxzeebility, Miraxzeebility” .

The crowd were growing mad as i dabbed, jerked, slow whined and did all dancing technique i never thought i could. Then came the sound of gun shots. 
This time the crowd were now bearer of guns zed were still chanting my name but this time they were saying.
“we must kill Miraxzeebility” , they chased me and i ran as fast as i could. They were almost getting close to me when i woke up. * 
I thank God it was just a dream and nothing else, despite the cold weather i was sweating profusely. It was about 3am. I said a little prayer casting and binding evil dreams then i went back to sleep.
That morning was a Monday morning and i woke up to a empty house, my brothers were out to school. I washed up and located the kitchen.
Before 11am i was already at my mum’s spa. The secretary i use to have a thing with wasn’t a worker there anymore. She got married and relocated with her hubby. 
As usual i was to help mum which i did before driving to see my dad at his own location. My younger brothers wanted foaming familiarity with me when i arrived but i hushed them,kept up my frowns and hurried out. by 6pm i headed to see Maryam. 
Immediately i was in her house we started what was to be our last fvvk. a memorable fvvk .

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 2, 2017 — 12:09 pm

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