Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+) ‘Season 2… Part 54

A Story Written By Miraxzeebility…
I was to stay 2days with my cousins but i ended up spending a whole week. Faith my most beloved cousin made sure my stay was lovely. After our cuddle the night before (which was lovely),she insisted we do more of the cuddles which i agreed cos the cold in Suleja was everything to write home about. 
The next day being a Friday My bigger cousin sis told us to prepare for a wedding the next day. 
“i don’t have any cloth to wear”, i made my case to her.
She insisted we went to the market right away. I wore Faith’s tight jean and my biggest cousin’s baggy top. (funny ryt?).
“you look like a gay”, the second cousin commented (remember i have 3 beauties as cousins in Suleja).
“the pleasure is mine and you look good too”, i responded which generated laughter from the beauties.
We were driven to the market by the driver after which i got myself 3 outfits. That night i cooked for the whole family and received my due praises. I slept feeling loved which in no way was motivated by the cuddle that night with Faith.
Morning came and so came preparations for the high classed wedding. I was in no way dressing childishly. I had a coutinho inspired hairstyle thanks to my full grown hair, black dye, the barber and ebony relaxer. 

After dressing up i looked fly.
“wow you look super cool for a 16 year old”, my aunty complemented.
“Faith looks super hot for a 16 yr old” , i countered.
We were in free spirit as my uncle drove us to the venue Sandaco Hotel Madalla . 

Immediately we stepped down from the Lexus jeep all eyes were focused in our direction. I observed the admirers were more of guys than babes thanks to my beauties as cousins. 
Soon enough we sat took our position as a family in the reception hall. The reception was successful coupled with the fact i booked an appointment the next day with two different beauties.
I told my cousins about the situation on ground and they told me i was free to do my visitors provided i use a condom to avoid impreganating a suleja babe. 
On Sunday while every one went to church for the thanksgiving of the newly wedded i was busy clamping down severely on Chiwendu the busty babe one of the two girls i met the day before.
When she arrived i immediately knew fvvking was to be done sd there wasn’t much time.
“immediately i saw you yesterday i knew i will love to keep seeing you for the rest of my life especially when i wake up every morning”, i sweet-talked .
That did the magic as she was so all over me and i also concurred. 

Her Bosom were as big as her arse(i really love Bosom smiley) and i pressed ferociously on them. 
Soon enough we were bare as bar beach and i inserted my raw diick into her. I fired on with rage tho i had nothing to be angry for i just fvvked the innocent babe hard. There was this popular tale of Suleja babes being pro and i was sure not to represent Abj city. 
“don’t kill me please”, she begged 
“am not killing you babe am fvvking you hard as you love it”, i responded.
“yes fvvk me hard mimi, fvvk me harder”, she replied giving Me more zeal.
My Joystick was hitting the depth and i was enjoying the feeling coupled with the fact she was tight. I withdrew as released on the bedsheet.
I dispatched her while promising her i will see her before i go back to abj a promise i didn’t fulfil at all.
My Cousins came back soon enough. Faith spotted a drop of my Pour on the wall. I tried my best in denying it but my cousins already had there minds made up. 
My next appointee was to arrive later in the evening and unfortunately for me i never knew she had a beef with Faith my favourite cousin.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 2, 2017 — 12:13 pm

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