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Salome was my next appointee she was a daughter of the pastor that joined the couples together. Fvvking a pastor’s daughter is something I have longed for tho I had have experiences with pastor’s daughters but that was way back when my Joystick was still below 3 inches. Today ama bang a pastor’s daughter on a Sunday and nothing is gonna stand as an obstacle or so I thought.

Sitting in the room of my eldest cousin I tried summarizing the early morning romp I had with Chiwendu .
“So you are sure any residue of your Pour wasn’t deposited in her”, my second cousin asked
“No am very sure I didn’t”, I replied amidst laughter.
We were enjoying ourselves and letting out little or more secrets when the question came in:

“Who is the next In line”, Faith asked amusingly 

“Your Pastor’s daughter”, I replied smiling like I won a lotto.

“Which of them”, She asked now a bit serious.

“Salome is her name”, I let out the cat from the bag

“No way”, Faith replied 
She gisted me on her numerous confrontations with Salome even My second cousin admitted to the fact that I had a big job in convincing my favorite cousin to allow me fvvk her arch enemy / rival in her father’s house my uncle’s house jare . I tried pleasing my fav cousin but my Joystick (My Miracle) was an entity a really different entity that doesn’t need my permission to make its decision.

“If you know you like me Mimi pls don’t fvvk that Dam”, Faith concluded and walked out amidst laughter from her sisters.

“but I cant fvvk you either”, I replied when she was earshot.

My other cousins laughed at my situation and even suggested I cut off the deal with Salome an Impossible decision.

“I cant o , tis almost 4pm and she said she will be here by 6pm”, I opened up my heart.

“Must you fvvk”,My Second cousin annoyingly asked me. 

‘can a key do without the keyhole?, my people’

‘Hell no it cant and so my Joystick can’t go back to Abuja without mesmerizing inside the Pastor’s daughter’.

I even planned on fvvking her without a condom and even releasing into her so that I could feel great nevertheless she told me (confirmed by my cousins) she was a 100 level student in the school of Nursing Nassarawa state so it will make me execute my plans and now I have an obstacle to eliminate.
Mission Eliminate Faith’s Pride/beef with a potential Fvvkee
I knocked slightly on Faith’s door as she jammed it in rage.

“Who is that one again”, her voice strictly strict.

“Your sweetest bro”, I replied 

I heard her giggle tho slightly and I knew my cousin means a lot to me cos I was so happy she was now a bit happy.

“Ama disown your Buttocks if you don’t remove the intention of fvvking that girl from your mind”, she said after letting me in into her room
“Am considering that my sweet”, I replied giving her a kiss on her cheek.

“would you just allow me pay her back for you?”, I asked 

“yes I will, just dump her Buttocks and its all cool for me”, she replied

“She cant fvvk my sweetest bro it will be a win for her”, she added.

“I know the fatherfvvker was excited when you told her we were cousins”

And truly Salome was an easy go for me, I was even surprised how she just gave me her number and promised to visit me that day. If she was trying to form superiority on my fav cousin by fvvvking me then am sure am gonna turn the table around ama fvvk her harder than she ever expected or ever had.
I made my suggestions to Faith and it wasn’t easy but she finally succumbed and off we went to get some Sekxual enhancing drugs aka Viagra. This was a mission to sustain the pride of my sister and ama take the mission as serious as possible.

After taking extra dose of the Viagra I gulped three stainless cup of Agbo bought by Faith from those Yoruba ladies hawking the products along Suleja Township Stadium. She even suggested I took alomo but that was after I had called Salome to make sure she was game that night. I don’t wanna end up paying my cousin back for her evil plan.

By 7pm Salome arrived the gate and I went to usher her in to my room. Faith was to remain unseen so that the later plan will be a top game. She was looking superb wearing leggings and a big top on her big frame. Her Buttocks was well bigger for a pastor’s daughter and her Bosom was rounded and mounded like papaya. She was dark but extremely beautiful with quite a good dress sense.
“Welcome to my cousin’s palace”, I greeted her as she sat on the bed. (I had made sure to remove the chair from the room. A plan masterminded by Faith).
She requested for anything liquid and I hasten and provided bottled water for her, I had gulped two rubbers of alomo. My Joystick was game and Faith laughed at me pointing at my erection I had to tuck in my Joystick into the tightest corner of my boxers to salvage some pride for me.

She drank the water and we started gisting more on churchy matters which was far from the supposed topic if I was to fulfill my mission. 30 Minutes later she announced her departure and then I felt frustrated. It seemed she knew my plans or so I thought.

Compounding my fears and worries she stood up and was heading to the door I had to do something really fast so I ran to the door to ignite a trick that Deji said works like magic.

To Be Continued…

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