Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+) ‘Season 2… Part 59

A Story Written By Miraxzeebility…

Bending over I took one of her Bosom in my mouth and sucked through the lace material while gently flicking my tongue over her Tip. I heard a low moan when my mouth first touched her and I knew I was getting somewhere. Encouraged, I spent some time kissing, handling, sucking and licking her Bosom and she responded by moaning and trembling as she sat in my kitchen.
Emboldened I reached round and undid her bra, pulling the cups down to reveal her young Bosom. And what wonderful Bosom they were; soft, smooth and pert as they stood there without the support of the bra. Eagerly I returned to my sucking and licking and she moaned louder at the touch of my mouth and tongue on her bare young Bosom.
Still touching and kissing her Bosom, I eased myself down so I was kneeling, and carefully moved between her legs, gently forcing her legs apart as I moved closer so she didn’t notice in her excitement. I couldn’t resist touching her long Sekxy legs and I softly slid my hands up the outside of her legs, and then the inside. Her body quivered when I touched her legs and she unconsciously shifted forward in the chair, her body seemingly eager to get closer to me.
I slipped my hands up, under her mini skirt and stroked higher on the inside of her soft thighs. My own heart was beating faster now that I was getting closer to my prize. She was wearing matching white lace panties and I dragged my finger across her pushi over the thin fabric. I felt her voluntarily spread her legs wider and she moved against my hand now that she was so turned on from my attention to her Bosom.
I pushed and rubbed around her pushi entrance, her lace panties getting wet as I pressed them into her slit. She was moaning again, her Buttocks shifting in the chair as she tried to get more of my touch. Deftly I moved her panties to one side to open up her pushi to my hands. Now I stroked her bare pushi with my hands and I was surprised to find that she was shaved and smooth. Her moans were louder and I rubbed up and down her pushi, spreading her juices that gave away her excitement.
Bending down I brought my head close to her pushi and I breathed in deeply, inhaling the delicious aroma of young pushi. I moved even closer and licked her pushi, and she tasted wonderful. Finding her clipt I discovered that it was engorged and I licked around it before sucking on it gently. At my touch she gave out a yelp, and then a slow moan and her hips bucked as she moved against my tongue.
I moved a finger to her pushi entrance and traced around it while I sucked her sensitive clipt. I pushed my finger forwards, parting her pushi lips and easing inside her, up to the first knuckle and then the second. I heard a gasp from her pretty lips as she felt my finger invade her tight pushi but she didn’t move away.
Her gasps became faster when I started to rub the inside of her pushi, my finger sliding across her center of gravity in a gentle rhythm. Then I started to fvvk her young tight pushi with my finger, thrusting my finger in and out of her in time to my licking her clipt. Her pushi was clamped around my finger but I managed to slip in a second finger and continued to fvvk her while she groaned and moaned above me.
Her Buttocks was shifting in the chair, pushing forward, eager to feel my fingers deep inside her pushi. My fingers were covered in her sweet juices and I could sense she was close to Approaching. I kept up the regular rhythm on her clipt and fvvked her harder by sliding my fingers deep with every thrust.
Suddenly I felt her pushi clamp even tighter around my fingers and then her pushi started to pulse around them. I heard her cry out “Oh my God, yessss” and she screamed as I continued to lick her clipt.
Her orgasm seemed to last for minutes as she squirmed against me, forcing my fingers deeper, until she gradually slumped back onto her chair and relaxed.
I brought my fingers out of her pushi and I straightened my back, looking up at her. I saw a contented look on her pretty face and her eyes were half closed with a half smile on her red lips.
Maryam opened her gorgeous eyes and looked at me, “I…I…never knew it could be like that,” she sighed.
I grinned back at her “And that is just the start.”
She opened her eyes wider wondering what was going to happen, but she didn’t move away or tell me to stop
Maryam was still slumped back in the kitchen chair with her blouse fallen open revealing her uncovered pert Bosom. She was still breathing heavily from her recent climax and I watched as her young Bosom rose and fell as she breathed in and out.
Her short skirt had fallen back down when I moved back from her and so her smooth pushi was hidden from my view but I could still smell the sweet aroma of her S£x. The contented look on her pretty face was changing and it seemed that she was eager to continue her education, and it was no surprise to me that my Joystick was hardening again in my boxers.
I stood up and reached out and, holding her small hands in my hands, I pulled her to her feet. Her brow frowned and I could tell she was puzzled at what was going to happen next. I quickly sat down in the chair she had vacated and she turned to face me.

To Be Continued…

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