A Story Written By Miraxzeebility…

I looked up at the back of her head where her soft hair was swaying back and forward in time with my deep strokes. I couldn’t resist reaching up with one of my hands and entwining her fair hair between my fingers. Pulling gently but insistently on her hair I raised her head and pulled her body against my Joystick in time with my strokes.
I was in complete control now and Maryam could do nothing except respond to my fvvking as I buried my Joystick deep inside her sweet tight pushi. This control I had over her was turning her on again and she started making her mewing noises again, which I now knew would result in another orgasm if I continued. I could feel my own Pour rising in my balls and Joystick and I knew I would soon be Approaching inside this beautiful eighteen year old.
“I’m going to Pour soon Maryam, I’m going to Pour inside you,” I said while I continued to fvvk her.
“Oh yes Miracle, I want your Pour, please, fill me with your Pour,” she begged me, her words punctuated with her moans of an impending climax.
With a grunt I pulled back on her hair so her Buttocks was forced against me and I pressed my Joystick deep inside her, and with a shout I started to Pour inside her. Again and again I felt my hot Pour spray inside her tight pushi, filling her up with my seed. I kept my Joystick buried all the way insider her body while my Pour continued to shoot from my hard Joystick and I heard her screams of joy as she came again, her body shuddering and her pushi milking my Joystick while her orgasm consumed her.
Maryam(jnr) was my last fvvk in suleja, i havent seen her ever since that night she left as i heard she is married to an Alhaji who may not know the value of good pushi. i had my way with that Maryam but i wasn’t lucky with Maryam aka Maryann i couldn’t eat my cake and have it.

To Be Continued…

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