A Story written by Miraxzeebility…

Mr Man wake up!!!, That was all it took for me to disengage myself from the most lovely dream i ever had. I opened my eyes to see my Mother with all frowns gazing at me.

Me: Mama Gudmorning (the mama is to cool the nerves)

so thats how u sleep in school she replied.

Me: no na, u knw after reading hard for that monsterous exams your boy gats to regain some strength.

strengths ko? Muscles ni?, i just hope you havent wasted your Six years at that school she was almost shouting.
No o i replied

My Mama: torh ur WAEC results will tell, i am going out,your food is in the kitchen.

With that she steps out heading for work. My Mum is such a disciplinarian a no nonsense ibo woman,the fact that i just ended my secondary school life just some hours ago meant little or nothing to her or so i thought.

Finally am through with all activities related to secondary school life such as Assemblies, devotions, bounds breaking and a whole lot of others. I certainly gonna miss some activities like bullying, bounds breaking, and funds with my friends. With these memories running in my hearts i realized i wasn’t prepared for the life after secondary school.

I quickly rolled down from my bed and say a minute prayer,missing the family devotion was a part and parcel of me from time immemorial. 10 minutes later i was already dress in my pencil jean and my almighty slim fitted plain shirt heading to see my dad who owns a private school at the outskirts of Kubwa,Abuja. Oh that is were i live.

To Be Continued…

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